10 Top-Rated Professions

Talking about the top-rated professions, first of all, we mean prestige and high payment. Usually, these two values are directly proportional to each other, although there could be some exceptions. However, as you know, all highly paid and respected professions require at least the bachelor’s or master’s degree or even higher. And what should do those who don’t have much money or enough time to study?
Top-Rated Professions
In this article, we will look at the most highly paid professions that require only Associate Degree (in other words 2 years in a community college)

The specified salary is the national average according to the United States Department of Labor. It’s not diffuct to guess that the best paid are medicine and technology industry… However, as for elite doctors, here no one can do without graduation.

So, here is a list of top 10 professions that don’t require graduation:

1. Radiation therapist carries out radiotherapy directed by a doctor. ($74,980)
2. Nuclear medicine technologist prepares and administers radioactive chemical compounds, known as radiopharmaceuticals. ($68.560)
3. Dental hygienist makes professional dental cleaning. ($68,250)
4. Nuclear technician is a technical worker of a nuclear power plant. ($68,090)
5. Commercial pilot flies on unregulated routes. For example, crops watering, aerial photography, etc. ($67,000)
6. Registered nurse. ($64,690)
7. Fashion designer. ($64,530)
8. Diagnostic medical sonographer conducts ultrasound diagnostics. ($64,380)
9. Aerospace engineering and operations technician monitors equipment that is used in aviation and space industry. ($58,080)
10. Electrical and electronic engineering technician assists engineers with development of computer, communication equipment, medical devices, etc. ($56,040)

To get high wages without a Diploma of Higher Education is quite possible, at least in the USA. According to the research results of the United States Department of Labor, more than 60% of Americans don’t have even bachelor’s degree.

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