8 Better Ways to Use Flash Cards

Years ago, people used conventional cardboard cards in order to memorize foreign or complex words (or even constructions). Today, with the development of electronic technologies, that role was taken by smartphones and other software devices that most people walk with.

Effective Memorization Methods


When learning foreign languages, many students resort to creative approaches that make the process of learning the words more exciting. Flash cards reflect the needed information that you need to memorize: the rules, words transformation, building a basic vocabulary list of irregular verbs, etc. It is an excellent and proven method for storing difficult unknown words. We will assist you in the preparation of these useful flashcards. Just follow the tips that follow:

1) Find a perfect and well-lit working area. It means that you should choose a pleasant place where your mind will not be bothered by digitalized distractions. Also, prepare all the required equipment in advance.

2) Take into the consideration the possibility of using special software to create visual cards.

3) Collect the required material: both flash cards and tutorials. You will need an eraser, marker, and bookmarks for pages, books, multi-colored pens or pencils.

4) Pick the most critical information. Identify your week points and gather the most important words you need to remember. Transform these key parts into note cards — in physical or digital form.

5) Highlight words and display items. You can add brief explanations on the other side or include some additional info that will facilitate the process. In order to better remember, write down each word that can be associated with the exact color, picture or association. Be creative and organize your colored words properly.

6) Make sure that your text is visible. If your text is visually inaccessible, it will make the process less effective.

7) Design a chart in Word or Excel. If your primary way of thinking is analytical – preparing charts is the best option.

8) Use a mobile application. Nowadays, there are plenty of app developers that specialize in creating flash cards and memory improvement tools.

So consider the main features of such apps:

  • Creating cards with words: on the one side an unknown word should be displayed with its translation on the other side;
  • Group cards in sets. Note that you can learn several languages in parallel, just make separate sets of words not to get confused;
  • Test your knowledge anywhere: at your desk, on the way home, at a lecture, or with friends.

Nice additions:

  • You can add pictures into the cards with the words. It is much more interesting to memorize words using visual images.
  • Several owners of iOS devices can take advantage of the ability to synchronize and engage alternately on different devices.

Use a program to save a set of cards from other users, so that you can find a set of words and upload them.

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