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Albert Einstein is no doubt a name known by everyone, be it a scholar, a student, or a person without any education at all. Einstein changed the way we see physics, and his research made a priceless contribution to the development of this field of study. No wonder that Albert Einstein is a recurring topic for academic papers.

for academic papers.

The essay questions related to Einstein are numerous and diverse – starting from his ambiguous attitude towards the quantum theory to the instrumental role that he had played in creating an atomic bomb.

The most common type of paper, however, is the biography and legacy Albert Einstein essay, with which we would like to help you a little. Here, we will look at Einstein’s main achievements and how they contributed to science, as well as provide interesting facts about his life that could send your research and thinking into the right direction.

Theory of Relativity

This theory developed by Einstein became the foundation for many other, more modern inventions such as the nuclear bomb. In essence, the theory explains how distance and time can be different due to the different speeds with which the object and the observer are moving. The famous E=mc2 equation was developed within the frameworks of this theory and shows the correlation between energy and mass.


Back in 1905, Einstein voiced a theory that light was made up of small particles called photons. The concept was met with great suspicion back then, as it relied on the theory of Max Planck that light traveled in waves. Later experiments conducted in 1919 proved that the theory was right.

Bose-Einstein Condensate

The little-known discovery of Einstein and Satyendra Bose was an additional state of matter, along with liquid, gas and solid state. This discovery is now used in many fields.

The Atomic Bomb

Even though his name is closely associated with the atomic bomb, Einstein never directly worked on it. The association is explained by his work in other fields, which laid foundation for the development of the bomb.

The explanation of the Brownian motion

In 1905, his “miracle year,” Einstein also made an important connection between the seemingly random movement of particles in a fluid, which supported the molecular theory (that all matters consist of atoms and molecules).

Fun facts about Einstein

  • In 1952, the young state of Israel offered Einstein the position of the president. While touched deeply by the offer, Einstein declined, saying that he lacked the necessary skills.
  • Einstein received a rather scattered and non-systematic religious education, and as early as at the age of 13 he became completely disillusioned in his own faith. The lack of observance in his family also contributed to his agnostic views.
  • Einstein identified with Baruch Spinoza – a Dutch Jewish philosopher – because of his philosophy of religion and his relationship with the Jewish community. Einstein agreed with Spinoza’s purely mathematical views on the world, where God had no ethical side and thus did not punish the bad and did not reward the good.
  • In his views, Einstein reconciled science and religion, saying that the former without the latter would be lame, while the latter without the former would be blind. Though he didn’t support the idea of a human-like God, he believed in the idea of a supreme intelligence that would reflect itself in the beauty of nature
  • Einstein never wore socks and contributed to the invention of the refrigerator that worked on compressed gases.
  • Einstein once said that if he hadn’t been a scientist, he would have been a musician. His mother played violin in which the young Einstein found inspiration.
  • Einstein had a contract with his wife, which established the conditions of their marriage (keeping his laundry clean, etc.). Even after his marriage to his second wife, he had relationships with as many as six women.
  • In 1940, Einstein sold a hand-written version of his Theory of Relativity for 6 million dollars.
  • Einstein’s greatest breakthroughs came from performing visual experiments in his head rather than from the lab.
  • The money from the Nobel Prize was used to pay off Einstein’s ex-wife as a divorce settlement.
  • Einstein never learned how to drive or to swim.
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