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The General Idea of Scarlet Letter Essay Prompts

Essay prompts are generally assignments given to students that direct them to write on a particular topic in a certain way. You can be given different prompts to write essays on them for instance scarlet letter essay prompts. Today’s education is much oriented on writing hence prompts writing has become a widely used tool for teaching that is designed on eliciting particular writing responses from the students. Students of every level are tested on their ability to write through writing prompts. Your first step to writing successfully is to understand the writing prompt as it is integral to the way writing is tested and taught. The successful students are able to comprehend the kind of essay the prompt needs answering it according to how the instructor wants to see.

A Guide to Become a Successful Writer

A Guide to Become a Successful Writer

  • When it is an expository or informative prompt look for the words; ‘describe or explain’ in the writing prompt. The expository prompts kind of direct you to writing an essay that describes or explains something. This type of essay is informative in nature and does not need for you to make a detailed state of opinion or argument. Other words you should look for that signal that the prompt is an expository writing assignment are; tell about, clarify, summarize, define, classify, compare/contrast, and cause/effect.

-You then need to brainstorm on what the prompt is asking you. Avoid covering too much where you go beyond 5 paragraphs and also avoid being too narrow that you cannot get to 5 paragraphs.

-Create a thesis statement where it should explain how you will do it.

-Come up with solid topic sentences which support your thesis statement.

-Write the introductory part of your essay.

-Write the body of the essay

-Write the conclusion

  • For narrative prompts look for the words; event, time, describe, write about, or tell about your experience. The prompts ask you to tell a story that is mostly about yourself.

-Write a good story on something that happened to you

-You can start your introduction that by itself tells the reader that you will tell a story.

-A narrative essay is mostly written with more ease as compared to how you would handle other essays.

-End your essay by explaining to the reader things you learned from your experience.

  • For persuasive prompts you will find the words ‘convince or persuade’. The persuasive prompts direct an individual to make an argument that influences another person of the your opinion or point of view. There are other signals that can help you tell whether it is a persuasive prompt like; what do you thing about or how do you feel about, give your opinion, what is your position on this issue, choose a point of view, and argue for or against. If you find a prompt asking if you disagree or agree with a statement then know that is a persuasive prompt for sure.

-plan and decide on the arguments that will be most appropriate for the reader.

-identify the most likely objection of your reader and ways of refuting it.

-make a good introduction that gives a background of the issue.

-Write the body paragraphs

-Again you can include a paragraph that includes the most likely argument of your reader and refute it.

-Write a solid and catchy conclusion.

The best way of writing a good promptThe best way of writing a good prompt is by understanding it which is a skill that can be learnt fast. Most of the time exemplary students get poor writing grades because of failing to understand the essay writing prompt. For you to be able to respond successfully to the writing prompt you need to analyze the prompt as a crucial part of the process of writing. As soon as you have fully understood the prompt you are able to start writing your essay’s outline as well as formulate the thesis. The best way of beginning is by writing a one sentence response to every question. If you study the writing prompt keenly and make it the basis for your prewriting you will be on your way to write an essay that fully covers the prompt.

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