Abstract of einstein essay

Our essay on Albert Einstein gives a brief biography. Einstein is one of the most famous scientists in modern history. Our essay also acknowledges the contributions of Einstein to the field of academics. His theorems and discoveries have vastly impacted modern science. Perhaps his most important contributions was the theory of relativity which has sent a foundation for modern science.

 Albert einstein essay

Below is a brief bibliography einstein essay that will also list the important contributions of Albert Einstein to the field of science.Albert einstein essay

Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany. Albert Einstein grew up in Munich, Germany. His father owned an electronics store. Einstein learnt a lot about science from his father.  Einstein moved to Switzerland to complete his studies and returned to Germany. In 1933, he immigrated to the United States and became a US citizen in 1940.buy einstein essay

Einstein is perhaps best known for this theory of relativity. This theory has formed the basis for modern physics and has been instrumental in key inventions over the past century. The theory of relativity outlined how time and distance could change as a result of the relative or different speed of the object in relation to the observer. This theorem proved instrumental in the development of key inventions such as the atomic bomb. Aside from the theory of relativity, Einstein made the following important contributions to the field of physics;

  • The discovery that light is made up of photons in 1905
  • The description of the Unified field theory in 1955

Aside from contributing to academics, Albert Einstein also made sizeable financial contributions towards helping with the Second World War efforts.

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