Animal Farm Essay: How-to, Main Difficulties, Free Topics

George Orwell’s books remain relevant and popular among students of various specialties. Deep political satire and coverage of evergreen burning issues, such as human freedom and the nature of political power, make his works appropriate and interesting for political, philosophical, ethical, and literary studies even in the 21st century.

Popular themes in Orwell’s stories are:

  • Human freedom
  • Totalitarian regime
  • Political propaganda
  • The pros and cons of technology
  • The ills of absolute power and power abuse

One of Orwell’s most popular books is Animal Farm – a 1945 fairy story examining the evolution of political power in a fictional animal farm where the animals ousted the tyrannic master and established a democracy. This novel was viral in the 1940s in the USA and abroad as it exposed the failure of the 1917 October Revolution in Russia and condemned the USSR’s degradation into a state of Communist tyranny.

The democratic political regime turned out too hard to sustain, especially among stupid animals who did not even bother to learn the regime’s postulates. The initial democratic utopia soon degraded into another tyranny of a pig.

Even though the USSR collapsed over 30 years ago, students are still often assigned an Animal Farm essay to examine the novel’s themes, characters, and messages. Its message about political oppression’s intricacies and hidden danger and the troubles with misuse of political power inform in-depth political analysis and research.

So, if you’re assigned to such a task and are unsure how to complete it, follow our guide to impress your supervisor with a thoughtful examination of this literary work. Here we explain how to design an attention-grabbing Animal Farm intro, what arguments to include in your essay about animals and politics, and how to formulate a thought-provoking, clear Animal Farm essay conclusion.

Animal Farm Essay Prompts for Beginners in Writing

Students tasked with writing an Animal Farm essay naturally come across the challenge of choosing an appropriate topic. It seems that hundreds of previous researchers have closely examined all subjects and themes. But we believe that every person is unique, and you are a new reader having a new perspective on the subject covered in the book.

Besides, every reader approaches the Animal Farm critical essay from the viewpoint of their personal experiences and beliefs, thus presenting an unprecedented approach to the consumed content.

Still, we can help you start the writing process quicker, without procrastinating over the topic for long hours. Here is a list of popular Animal Farm essay topics that will surely land you a good grade:

  1. Can the content of the book inspire an animal rights essay? How does its content inform the debate about the humane treatment of animals?
  2. Why does Animal Farm’s society degrade into tyranny?
  3. Would there be a chance for political peace at the farm without ousting their human master?
  4. Who is the real protagonist in the novel?
  5. Is there a clear antagonist in the book?
  6. What helped Napoleon assume power on the farm?
  7. Discuss each animal and which of them are the people’s favorites.
  8. What tactics are used in handling animals around the farm?
  9. What should be changed in the leadership on the animal farm?
  10.  How does the author relate to the principles of democracy in the book?

With these topics, you are sure to grasp the book’s significant themes clearly and refine them to produce your individual argument.

Animal Farm Essay Question: Checklist of Ideas to Write About

When writing your Animal Farm theme essay, you should focus on one central idea that will circulate in your essay from the beginning till the end. All arguments you’ll choose in the process of developing the content should support that central claim and focus on it.

Here are some more thought-provoking themes and subjects you can focus on when starting your research:

  1. How does Orwell approach the subject of greed, and what relation does greed have to political power?
  2. What personalities do animals symbolize as the story unfolds?
  3. How is Hitler portrayed in the novel?
  4. What happened to the pigs when they acquired the power?
  5. What are the causes of revolutionary failures, in Orwell’s opinion?
  6. Relevance of the book to modern politics.
  7. The use of allegory as a stylistic means in Animal Farm.
  8. Does the novel have anything to offer to inform modern politics and the way non-democratic regimes should act?
  9. Can the content and themes of Animal Farm inform an animal testing essay?
  10. What are the stylistic means of Orwell to depict fear in the novel?

Animal Farm Essay Topic: How to Choose a Winning Idea

Animal Farm essays can become a real challenge for inexperienced students. To help you define the roadmap for working on the essay quickly and effectively, we have outlined the pro tips to follow. These simple tricks and hacks can simplify the writing process and make your homework completion enjoyable.

Since the greatest challenge for most newbies is arriving at an interesting research idea, here’s our guide on choosing winning topics with ease.

Choose an Idea That You Support

Since you’re going to argue some point and try to convince your audience to take your side, it’s better to pick the side you personally support and approve of. Practice shows that it’s much harder to sound persuasive if you don’t believe your own evidence and lean on the other side of the debate. Thus, to sound compelling and give valuable argumentation, study the topic thoroughly before you start writing and choose the side you can competently and willingly support.

It’s a risk to choose a topic that you don’t have any connection with. Before you begin, weigh your options and think properly of an idea you are willing to research; there should be enough evidence to support it, thus informing your writing.

Pick a Debatable Issue

Writing a competent, professionally-looking essay requires a debatable topic so that you are not accused of bias or limited oversight of the problem. Thus, it’s better to select the topic that has been argued from multiple perspectives. In this way, you can always give credit to the arguments of opponents while at the same time giving valuable evidence in support of your position.

Frame Your Idea into a Question

It’ll be easier if your chosen idea or topic is paraphrased into a question. You’ll be more motivated to research the topic if you are looking for answers. So, whenever you choose a theme of interest, make sure it looks like an inquiry rather than a statement and start digging into the academic sources to find what people say on the subject.

Share Your Topic with Peers and Seek Feedback

The good idea is to check whether you’re on the right path by talking to classmates or your supervisor about the chosen topic. Doing this can gain insights that you might have missed or never thought of in the process. Don’t be afraid to get help, especially if the writing process is challenging for you.

Follow an Animal Farm Critical Essay for a Better Result

If you have some doubts about the writing process or need some structured guidance, here is a sample outline for your convenience. It’s a universal template that you can apply to any topic; the main rule is to keep your ideas consistent and stay on topic. Other details can be tweaked the way your specific topic requires.

OUTLINE SAMPLE The failure of revolution in Orwell’s Animal Farm


Introduction of the novel and its author. Discussion of the novel’s plot and major themes.

Thesis statement: In this novel, George Orwell criticizes the failure of the Russian Revolution by referring to the inability of new political elites to comprehend and promote democratic principles.


PARAGRAPH #1 – Snowball and Napoleon. The initially virtuous plans and ideals of two revolutionaries. Allusion to Stalin and Trotsky.

PARAGRAPH #2 – First signs of democratic failure – rewriting of the political postulates. Changes in the farm’s governance.

PARAGRAPH #3 – The ultimate failure of revolution – ridiculous amendments to the postulates making “some animals more equal than others.” Orwell’s political satire.


Orwell’s political agenda in Animal Farm and the discussion of Russian revolutionaries’ betrayal of democratic principles for the sake of absolute power.

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