Assessing Example essays

An essay entails connecting of concepts in a continuous and logical prose with the intent of bringing out flow of events. Here, we will look at example essays.

What makes up example essays

What makes up example essays

First, we ought to ask ourselves, ‘what makes up a good history essay?’ A good essay must attract the eye of the reader. It must have a flow of events that are communicated in a clear and effective manner. In order to come up with a good essay, you have to develop an argument. For you to come up with a good argument you have to read books and articles in order to come up with logical and sensible insights which will help in comprehending the essay.

Types of essays used as example essays

Essays are written in many forms depending on the purpose of those essays. The writer should therefore identify the objectives of writing for him/her to know the kind of essay to write. These objectives must be well understood to make sure that the flow of the essay is maintained without losing its meaning. These types of essays have been highlighted below.

  1. Argumentative essay

This entails the reader developing a problem and trying to convince the reader that the problem exists while trying to solve the same problem using the available evidence. The writer must clearly identify the problem and back it with substantial evidence and this can only be done by doing more research about the problem and gathering more information about the same.

In the process of identifying an argument, once you have read more books and articles, you ought to come up with ideas about how you are going to tackle the problem. In order to plan your essay, you have to come up with an argument that will help you write your essay from the body towards your conclusion. For example:

The question, “Would you agree with the argument that leaders are born and not made? Having read various sources, you should be able to state your answer in a sentence or two.” For instance: “Yes, because leadership qualities have been attributed to physical traits by philosophers in the past,” or “No, because most leadership qualities have been attributed to knowledge gained thus leaders are made and not born”.

When you begin planning your essay, you should always be able to state your thesis in a straightforward way, based on your initial reading and research for the topic.

  1. Narrative essays

This example essays entails a writer creatively and innovatively telling a story for a certain reason. While doing so the writer comes up with characters whose traits can be clearly identified by the reader and can be differentiated once the reader goes through the essay. The writer must also ensure that the plot of the story is maintained while coming up with a narrative. Narrative essays are normally written by English Literature students. Moreover, these narratives also help in coming up with plays which are very crucial when it comes to the film and theatre industry. For instance, most of the narrative essays end up being acted in movies and dramas and in the process boosting the film industry.

  1. Descriptive essays

These are example essays where the main objective of the writer is describing traits and characteristics of people. The writer focuses on the traits of the characters throughout the whole essay. The writer also has the mandate to identify the main character alongside other characters and base his objective on the description of the characteristics those characters. The writer is also encouraged to bring out the characteristics of the main character with vigor so that he/she can be can be easily pin pointed out by the reader.

  1. Exposition essay

In this type of essay, the main objective of the writer is to compare, explore, discuss and tell a story. The writer must aim at coming up with a story and maintain its storyline while identifying, comparing and contrasting the characters. At the end of the essay, the writer must also be able to convince the reader that the characters have been compared and contrasted. The writer should also be able to catch the eye the reader while writing this essay.

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