Best Content of Essay on America

Looking for high quality content for your essay on America but hitting a dead end every time? Our guide will take you through step by step for a great essay.

General Idea of an Essay on America

You might have been asked by your instructor to write an essay on America but you do not know how to go about it. You first need to know from what angle you want to approach your essay. Would you want to describe America or you would prefer giving an opinion of the country? The topic is an open ended one where you can write generally about America, offer an opinion or your arguments of the reasons for thinking America is the best or worst country. This guide will look at the essay from an opinionated side where you will express the essay in regard to how you see it.

How to Write an Opinion Essay

You can be required to come up with an essay that is entirely based on your own opinion about a particular topic. The length can be determined by your objective which can range from a long paper research, to a medium sized speech, to a short letter. However for an essay the basic five paragraph structure which is usually the standard length and structure works perfectly for an opinion essay. In the university level the professors usually expect a more complex way to writing essays. In case you feel confident about your skills on essay writing you can venture into more complex and longer essays. The existence of opinion essays is mainly to prove your point that is your thesis and this should be clearly outlined in the opening paragraph. Avoid situations where you leave the reader with any doubt about your position.

  • First thing’s first, you need to do an extensive amount of research for supporting your opinion. Ensure that the supporting statements match the essay you are writing for instance if you are writing about the great things of America you can talk about the equality of rights and give an exact example. The evidence might vary from observations to statistics that are reliable. The examples you provide need to act as evidence which show your actual understanding of the topic which could include any potential counterclaims. You need to perfectly understand the topic of the essay to be able to argue out your points. You cannot write on a topic that you barely know. For you to write for instance a good opinionated essay on America you need to know the facts of the country as well as a bit of its history.
  • Ensure that you acknowledge the previous arguments or opinions that have been made. Most likely the essay you could be writing about has been discussed before therefore ensure that you incorporate the arguments made before in your essay that make your essay solid. You can analyze the statements previously made and see how well they fit into your opinion in your writing context. You can look for things like; has there been any changes with time that others are writing about or if your point of view is different or similar with the rest.
  • Write a transition statement showing how much your opinion adds to the argument or make suggestions of the previous statements or arguments that are faulty or incomplete. You can then follow up with a statement that well expresses your opinion.
  • Avoid sarcastic statements as they will make the essay come out as less professional. You need to ensure that you are as objective as possible and maintain a high standard of professionalism. The fact that you might oppose a certain topic does not warrant sarcasm for the opposing side. Such essays will be disregarded by most instructors as they will seem as if they lack solid points.
  • List evidence that supports or backs up your position. The more the evidence the stronger your essay will come off. This is highly dependent on the research you do that is why your research should be among the key areas you should focus on when working on your essay.

Note that it is crucial to maintain a professional tone throughout your essay and avoid emotional language or any language that shows an accusation. Make use of factual statements that are backed up by sound evidence.