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Many people admire great leadership. They hold great leaders in high esteem. That means that people would love to know one’s leadership abilities from time to time. You may find yourself in a position where you have to write about your leadership, especially leadership experience. An essay on leadership experience basically requires that one use examples to demonstrate how they put their leadership skills to use. You may not have been in a leadership role, but by acting as a leader in a given situation, you may have demonstrated leadership. As such, an essay on leadership experience should provide;
• An example of a situation needing leadership
• A person stepping up to provide leadership
• The person showing great leadership by leading others or making an important decision
• The outcomes of the incident
The essay should demonstrate the application of leadership in a unique and interesting way.

Geopolitics Essay

The politics in different countries affect how countries relate. Geopolitics involves how decisions of one country affect others. An essay on geopolitics may therefore focus on a country or region. It may focus on an event or issue that is bound to affect more than one geographical location. An essay with insight on geopolitics may be on;
• An event or decision by a country (Such as the US elections or Brexit)
• The possible outcomes of the event or decision
• The people that the event or decision would affect
• Effects on international relations due to the event or decision
A good essay should elaborate the process taking place and the implications it would have on all stakeholders.
Education and Career

 Education and Career essay

An insightful essay on education seeks to demonstrate how an individual has taken the educational opportunities at their disposal. It shows how the individual sets educational goals given the opportunities available and how they set out to achieve those goals. It also seeks to demonstrate how the individual’s educational activity suits their career. As such, one should be able to demonstrate how they have worked academically in line with their career. Here, one should include;
• The academic challenges they have had to face
• The educational opportunities they have had
• The educational goals they may have set
• How they faced the educational challenges and took advantage of the opportunities to achieve their goals.
The essay should demonstrate how an individual has had to adapt in order to achieve their educational and career goals. It should showcase their abilities to make the best out of every opportunity coming their way.
Challenges and Overcoming Challenges

 Challenges and Overcoming Challenges Essay

An essay on challenges takes the reader into the writer’s past. It provides insight into the challenges that one has faced. It also gives the problems and hurdles that one has had to go through. Such an essay provides a chance for the writer to demonstrate their decision-making skills and creativity. Through solving the challenges, the writer demonstrates several attributes such as patience, critical thinking and even perseverance. Sometimes such an essay could be personal, for example, talking about the disadvantaged background of one’s family.
Most Significant Achievement

 Most Significant Achievement EssayPeople have different events that they consider as their most significant achievement. An essay on one’s most significant achievement provides insight into their priorities. It shows what the person values and their efforts towards achieving that. Therefore, it is important to write about an achievement of great value. It should be able to show how that achievement makes one better. The essay should communicate positively about one’s priorities as it opens up their thinking and reasoning to others. The writer should be able to explain what they had to do to achieve and why the achievement is their most significant.
Community Engagement

 Community Engagement Essay

Many essays on community engagement talk about the projects one engages within the community to improve the quality of life. One should talk about projects they initiated and how they helped bring change. The essay should detail how one mobilized other people to unite and work on projects for the benefit of the community. Such an essay provides insight into how a person takes initiative. It demonstrates how industrious one is and their zeal to improve life in the community.
The Best Attributes of a Person

 The Best Attributes of a Person Essay

An essay describing a person’s best attributes simply gives insight into their strengths and weaknesses. By delving into their best attributes, individuals help reveal what makes them good at what they do. The essay helps describe the person’s character. It defines their suitability for various tasks, as it highlights their key strengths. Such an essay acts as an advertisement of a person’s quality and as such, the writer should use it to market themselves in the best way possible.

Teamwork essay

An essay on teamwork may take different angles. It may be about a person demonstrating teamwork in a given set up or it could be on why teamwork is important. Either way, the essay should provide an insight into how the person values teamwork. For instance, if you were to show how you demonstrated teamwork in the past, you ought to give a good example showing you working in coordination and harmony with others. It should show achievement of a task through collaborating with others for a common goal. Such an essay would give insights into how easily you can work with others as a team. It demonstrates your interpersonal skills.

Attitudes are very important in the performance of individuals. Attitudes are a result of mindsets. A positive mindset results in a positive attitude. An essay on mindset would seek to explain why and how a mindset affects performance. While many people may believe that the mindset of a person affects their thinking, reasoning and eventually their behavior, an essay on the same would give more details on why a person would think that mindset is gives an insight into how the mindset works to affect all elements of a person’s life. The essay may revolve around a case, showing what a different mindset would have resulted to in such a case. It gives a person’s views on mindsets.

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