Beyond Papers. Find Out Which Factors Are Important For Grades

A tutor is like the Supreme Court judge: they are expected to be as impartial as possible. But believe it or not, your teacher or college, or university tutors are all humans, and their decisions are not always as impeccable as it has to be in a perfect world. Curious what else (except for the content of your work) influences the grade you get? Keep reading.
Appearance. Some studies show that good-looking students often get better grades. It is not completely clear yet whether the public attention improves their self-confidence, contributing better academic progress, or it’s just that evolutionary feature that makes people like pretty humans more. Anyway, you don’t have to look like a new starlet to get those advantages. Instead, looking better than average is crucial, reports sociologist Rachel Gordon who devoted her dissertation to this catchy topic.
Another essential thing is confidence. Have you ever noticed that if you say the right things with that quiet apologizing tone, no one actually listens? What to do, you’re asking. That’s right. To attract attention, you need to believe not only what you say. You also need to be sure about your success. If you are confident, your mistakes will probably go as “small shortcomings”.
Yes, this sounds unfair. But teachers cannot be perfect; they are just people, after all. Anyway, good papers won’t harm anyone. Our writing experts that are ready to assist you anytime know that for sure.

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