Biology Research Paper Pitfalls I Caught in

Writing biology research paper may be captivating if you are crazy about carrying out lab tests like I am. But all good things come to an end when it touches upon putting down its results in the form of a research paper.

Biology Research Paper

What a challenge it was for me! But there is a plus side in my loosing paper. Now I know how it is supposed to be done. Interested? So, grab all your attention and ride it at biology research paper writing tips crafted from personal experience.

Make it clear from the first words

If you are a word wizard and like to play with words, making intriguing titles, you’d better keep this ability for fiction writing or perhaps essay headings. Any scientific paper stands out with simplicity and literality that start with a title. Imagine that you have to examine the way fruit seeds adjust to weather conditions. How would you call your research paper?

If it is something like “The Impact of Weather Conditions on Seeds” you are dead wrong! Why? Because it’s too general and obscure. First, you have to specify what seeds exactly were taken for analysis and then clearly name weather conditions.

Finally, it should look like this: “The Impact of Cold, Heat and High Humidity on White Clover Seeds”. Sounds esoteric, doesn’t it? But that’s an ideal biology research paper title that speaks for itself. So, when it goes to naming your research paper, be straightforward, precise and laconic.

Is it an abstract or a summary, after all?

We all know that this is abstract that goes directly after research paper title. But what has summary to do with it? This is an age-long problem with me, and I believe that you’ve also once been caught in this trap. The truth is that abstract and summary are like twins though, talking in terms of biology, not one-egg ones.

The main features that set them apart is content and length. While summary briefly describes the subject matter of the paper, leaving central question unsettled, abstract is a paper on its own. Within 300 words, it covers the purpose of the paper, methods of investigation and major results with no descriptions included. So, mind this, when writing abstract to your paper.

Do try this at home or methods of chapter organization

Remember how would you carry out your biology test? Now you have to describe all your steps in Methods chapter. What counts most is detalization and sequence of actions taken.

Sure thing, it shouldn’t be second-by second analysis, but all main aspects such as setting, conditions, equipment, timing, if necessary must be mentioned. Make this section fairly simple, for a reader down in biology to be able to try this experiment as well.

Results: Keep it secret!

You might make a mistake when in Results section you would give their detailed interpretation. But you will not step off if you are reading my tips. Research paper based on scientific experiment doesn’t involve reading findings in chapter Results.

What is it, then? Put in simple and clear charts, these should figures or any other data supported with a few lines of explanations. More detailed results interpretations will be done in chapter Discussion.

I know there is much to talk about when it goes about biology research paper. But these are main pitfalls that lie in wait for a first-timer. So, keep your eyes open, and mind flexible. Wish you good luck!

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