Blog Post Ideas for All Occasions

Blog Post Ideas


Sometimes there are rainy days for bloggers. These days they usually have no post ideas. If you tend to suffer from the same “disease”, check this list of the most popular blog post types and use it for inspiration!

  • Pros and cons

Choose a topic or a subject and make a deep research. Describe its qualities and divide a text into two parts: pros and cons. Post this information and ask your readers that arguments are the strongest.

  • List

There are several ways to create a list that would be interesting to your audience. Try a must-do list, a must-see list, a list of reasons to do something (or to avoid something), a list of your favorite movies/books, a list of travel destinations of your dream, a list of lessons you have learned from other people, etc.

  • Profile

Write a post about a person you know or a celebrity. It could be your favorite blogger, a person you admire, or even a perfect reader you aim to have for your blog. Discuss it in details and explain why you chose these people to talk about.

  • Comparison

You can compare anything: topics, videos, books, movies, etc. Write the main features of each object or subject. This is an interesting exercise for you and would be a nice material for your readers. Who knows, maybe you will help someone to choose between two things they have been debating over.

  • How-to

If you are skilled in some task or there is something you want to learn, make up a tutorial post. You can use video or photos to illustrate the process better.

  • Before and after

Before and after images are appreciated by most readers because they have a strong, inspiring power. You can locate before and after photos of your haircut, kitchen repair, diet results and more.

  • Review

You can express your thoughts about any experience. Make a review or a critique post about a hotel, new website, restaurant, plane ride, TV-show, movie, video game, cosmetics, book, or anything else.

  • Guide

If you have some good advice to share, make it in a form of a guide. Do you know how to choose a good camera, or how to write a short story? Introduce your recipe for the audience and motivate them to try something new.

  • Quiz

There are free online services for creating quizzes, and some blog platforms include quizzes as an internal option. A funny quiz will entertain your audience while an informative one will help them to understand a certain topic.

  • Personal diary

If you are open to sharing your personal thoughts, hopes and ideas, make a diary entry and talk about your dreams, experience, or funny stories from the past.

  • News post

Look through the headlines of the latest news and create a post on some hot topic your readers may be interested in. Use an article from a reliable publication as a source and write what you think about it, or provide an analysis. Bloggers, who locate news stories quickly, get the best traffic.

  • Live blogging

If you are visiting an interesting event or a conference, you can make a live broadcast posting short Twitter-like posts and photos. This can also work for a popular TV-show everyone is looking. Use hashtags to draw in more readers.

  • Audio

If you are tired of typing, or just want to speak freely about some interesting topic, you can record your voice or even make an interview with someone and make use of it. In a  word, create a podcast for your readers.

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