Classification Essay Topics Designed to Ace the Submission

Classification essay is a tricky endeavor. Basically, it explores/scrutinizes/examines subjects under revision by placing them into categories, groups and classes based on their particular properties, characteristic features, functions, etc.
Classification Essay Topics

As a rule, classification essays consist of an introductory paragraph where you embed your thesis statement, and subsequent development paragraphs where you depict items and their types you mentioned in your opening passage.

Top-20 classification essay topic examples

  1. Two Types Of Students at High Schools
  2. MP3 Players of Different Brands
  3. 5 Methods for Studying Before the Finals
  4. Things College Students Dream Of
  5. The Most Popular Destination Points of UK Students
  6. The Best Smartphones Under $300
  7. The Best “First Rides” Under $2000 for Girls
  8. Laptops With the Most Endurable Battery
  9. Three Types of Families in America
  10. How to Break a Cold
  11. First Date Ideas Based on Your Budget
  12. Picking a Proper Boyfriend
  13. Most Sharable Videos on YouTube
  14. Dancing Styles to Fit into Any Occasion
  15. The Best Dresses for a High School Prom
  16. Part-time Jobs You Should Consider
  17. Social Websites and Their Visitors
  18. The Winning Note-taking Strategies
  19. Online University Programs
  20. Types of Roommates Based on Their Eating Habits

A real brain-cracker, unless you have…

…a solid writing plan. Indeed, a proper outline is key to writing a classification essay that hits the jackpot. You must spend some good time meditating on how you’ll classify the subject matter at hand and from what perspectives you’ll dwell upon it. Don’t rush writing right ahead, better think through the structure of your essay attentively, come up with engaging topic sentences and only then get down to writing.

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