College Myths that Are Far from Being True

Let’s get real, you believe that apart from a few friends, a huge loan debt, student parties and the ability to make notes and keep the cribs, the national system of education will bring you… nothing. You spend years in college and graduate with a diploma in one hand and a sack full of illusions and unrealistic expectations in the other. You’re lucky if you have gained some professional experience by the end of the university. Otherwise, you will run into unrealistically high competition in the labor market and the inability to land a decent job. But, it also may prove to be a myth. You just need to rationally weigh all pros and cons, carefully ponder required issues and design your future development plan. In addition, tutors have a habit of filling students’ heads with theories that 90% never ever will be applied with such approaches. So, we will offer 4 harmful myths that have nothing to do with reality.

College Myths

The first major choice dictates your future

Most students and parents formulate its purpose in this way: “You should receive an education anyway”, not giving applicants the chance to choose or time to consider their future direction and preferences. Note, do not acquire the necessary knowledge, and do not pick a profession that brings only money. You always have the option to reconsider your specialization. What is more important, universities should encourage you to do that, representing real opportunities and academic options, not vice versa. But don’t worry, while you are studying you can always acquire the necessary knowledge and then select your future career with no obstacles.

Only best students achieve best results

This myth works more or less, as long as we are talking about assessments in our “record book”. Behind the walls of universities, it does not mean anything. You know, where are now 5 of those best students of your course after the Master’s degree? That’s right, some of them are in search of a job, some of them are not working on a specialty. Of these, only 1 from 5 people selects a path on a specialty. The correlation between the evaluations system and success in life beyond the “alma mater” does not exist. There is only a connection between the inspiration and productivity, the ability to use for the benefit of yourself even a disadvantageous situation and life circumstances but not between life and your “grade book”.

We part with our school friends because they will have its own life.

The absolute lie that depends on the individual approaches. With real friends, you will keep on close relationship throughout the whole life, and nothing will be able to break it. However, sometimes we deliberately deviate from the people, which were sincerely associated with the school life. The fact is that the university is not the ill-fated factor that destroys a long-standing friendship but the people themselves, which vary greatly and are no longer interested in each other. Anyway, do not be afraid to lose those you care about. A friend will not disappear from your life if it is a loyal and true friend.

You should dedicate your student life to entertainment

Because your student life is one and for the whole life. It is almost true. Moreover, wise students know how to balance hectic schedule and entertainment correctly without dropping important points and the crucial details. There will be sleepless nights, fun, crazy things, certainly. However, to live in such constant mode is not possible if you choose an evening in the company of your dog, instead of dancing until you drop with fellow students in the club, you are an absolutely normal person, not a nerd student. Student’s time is a wonderful time and it’s unforgettable. Fun meetings, a lot of crazy efforts, important advances, true love, true friendship, the most delicious cakes from the dining room… So appreciate every moment and enjoy one of the sweetest moments in your life.

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