Digging the vein of knowledge (bare hands only)

Textbooks and any other source of information you can lay hand on are your instrument. A pickaxe. However, the greatest and the most lavish education rubies are dug out with bare hands. Any miner who wants to get rich must get dirty. From the top of the head till the very bottom spike on the sole of his boots a student must get all covered in mud, the face drowning in sweat, hands shaking, eyes swollen from insomnia…
Digging the vein of knowledge

This is when gemstones hatch out from the soulless roche. This is when you actually learn something.

What happens to miners who did poor in college

Every piece of knowledge you get is the most bedazzling gemstone a student can ever attain. In good hands it turns into an impeccable diamond of a skill. It will bring you fame. It will bring you recognition. It will bring you money.

But if you’re not persistent enough to process the gemstone, it will remain a vapid piece of rock. No use for one of those today. So lay it on your bedside table. Be proud you’ve found it back then in college, while putting your apron on and selling cheeseburgers to unhealthy-diet-fiends.

Becoming the shiftboss (the one in a hundred)

Dig well. Dig deep. Dig with zeal. This is the only way to graduate past the long picturesque line of those to receive an unemployment allowance after vain attempts to get hired. At least somewhere.

They were lousy “grademiners”. They dug like dozy toads. But partied nicely all the way through. Of course, party-knockers with rich parents made it in the family business just fine. Kudos for them. But the predominance simply soaked off the college shaft dry but found a single gemstone not.

The outcome?

Broken dreams. Unfulfilled ambitions. Depression.

Summon up. You know you have no other choice rather than…

…grabbing the most epic pickaxe, holding it tight and smashing, smashing, SMASHING! The most inconspicuous rock usually hides the most glorious gem you’ve ever seen. Understand this – you have something like four-five years to actually study, learn something and forge it into a skill. This is your crown, and the more gemstones it has, the greater King of Employment Market you are.

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