Dissertation Title Writing

Dissertation Title Writing

Every scientific work is a unique intellectual property. Every scientific study is subject to its own structure and content interpretation.

This is particularly true for the composition of your thesis. In accordance with existing regulations, the dissertation is a high-quality scientific research work, built on common methodological principles. These principles are reflected in the structure of the work, which is based on the content structure that traditionally consists of several large parts. One of the essential dissertation parts is its title.

An original topic will be more interesting than the one proposed by the teacher, which means that the execution of your work will stimulate a much greater interest. After you present an original title your reputation in the eyes of the tutor will grow a lot, as your interest in the subject becomes evident.

In the process of title formulation, you will have a flurry of thoughts and ideas. The self-created title forces you to deepen your subject study. This will be of great assistance to you in the writing process and presentation of results. To create a title your primary task is to focus on a sequence of following actions.

  1. Formulate a preliminary version of the topic, do not forget:
  • To justify the relevance of the topic
  • To substantiate the theoretical and practical importance
  • To substantiate the novelty
  • To verify the prospect
  1. Establish the firm topic that lets you achieve your goals:
  • To specify the general research theme
  • To fill in the subject in the dissertation template

Evaluate the possibility to summarize the theoretical framework of the research you are about to do. Reformulate the subject in case of non-compliance to any of the requirements. Your topic is a summary of the dissertation in a few lines. It should focus on what will be discussed in the study. At this stage, you do not need the final title version (only a draft), as in the writing process (you read different books, search data, communicate with specialists), it may be changed a lot beyond recognition. Note that this applies to both the humanities and the technical classes.

Relevance and clear-cut topic ensure that the results are useful for solving relatively significant scientific and practical problems. To indicate a clear, descriptive and confident opening statement is essential.

The novelty of topic is an additional issue that has to be accounted for to distinguish the results of your work from the results of other authors. At this stage, you need to define the direction of the further writing process. When you write your dissertation, its scale, relevance, theoretical and practical importance, as well as the distinctiveness of the topic should be well presented.

If your topic has an articulate focus, appropriate and corresponding language, novelty and all the other necessary attributes, you only need to make sure that you summarize your work in a theoretical framework. If the theoretical basis is hard to draw, you need to revise the topic, so that you could start writing.

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