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Tips to help about writing on paper photography

There is much to write about photography until you are challenged to produce your own stuff. However, all you need to know is how to research on relevance and coherence when writing on paper photography. All content must be relevant and coherent to a photography topic. Some of the good topics in photography you may wish to write about in your papers may include the following:

  • Camera angles – here you may discuss angles such as wide angle, narrow angle, and portraits.
  • Skills in caption writing – as mentioned later, you may focus on styles of captioning, the rules, naming of persons and do’s and don’ts.
  • The rule of the thumb and the rule of thirds – Photographs are not just shot but skillfully taken using some rules such as the rule of thirds and rule of thumbs; discussing these could be good for your research paper.
  • Types of shots for different landscapes – you may discuss landscape types such as valleys and hills alongside appropriate types of shots such as establishing long shots, medium shots, bust shots etc.
  • Camera movements – in video photography, you cannot avoid camera movements and it would be good to highlight these in your term papers and essays such as tilting, follow through and zooming.

Points to consider when writing on paper photography

When it is time for you to jot down some words on photography, always think of the following elements:

  • It is the experience.
    • Photography displays experiences rather than just pictures. Whenever you are writing an essay on the topic, you should therefore be conscious on whether you are creating experiences in your writings or just filling the paper. Your writing must demonstrate elements of personal moments shared.
    • You create experiences by sharing moments of happiness, moments of fun, moments of enjoyment, and moments of togetherness. A good author on photography therefore must be capable of recalling events and write them for the reader to develop an illusion that they are just happening now.
  • Address captions effectively:
    • When you think about writing on photography, captions should also linger around your mindset. You will occasionally drop a few photographs in your illustrations and writing but without appropriately captioning them, they will be useless.
    • A good caption should generally avoiding repeating what the reader can already see in the picture. Do not say for example, “people standing on the podium addressing a crowd”. The reader can see that those people are standing and are addressing some people.
    • Concentrate on what is not readily visible to the reader. For example, you can talk about the occasion leading to that photograph. For example, you may have to write a caption like, “President Obama while addressing Hispanic immigrants at the city stadium over the weekend. He said that all immigrants have the right to live in America.”
    • Another element of a caption is naming the people in the photo. It may look just easy from the onset but I can assure you it requires a skill. Many photographers will find themselves writing a caption “from left to right… or from right to left”. All these are errors of express.
    • Naming people in a photo must always start from the left with a few exceptions such as prominence of the persons. When rank is not an issue, name “From left…” without including the words “…to right” because that is redundancy. However, always start with the most prominent person e.g. a president irrespective of where placed within the photo.
  • Quoting out of context
    • Quoting pictures in your essays or papers out of context is the greatest mistake you should not attempt to make. Make sure that a photo you incorporate in your writings augments what is being discussed.
    • A photo speaks a thousand words. One photo can accompany long texts but not the other way round. That means you are not supposed to overuse photographs in your writing, keep them at the most minimal range.

Feel free to contact us for the best tips and writings on photography. Happy photography moments to you!

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