Essays on Cultures

Getting a Starting Point on essays on Cultures

Getting a Starting Point on essays on Cultures

The beginning of writing remarkable essays on cultures is by knowing the category the paper falls in. These kinds of essays are in the category of research papers. After you have known this, it is very easy to come up with a good essay that is well-structured following the required format. In the life of a student, it is common for them to be asked to write on a research paper where it mostly creates a high level of unnecessary anxiety which often results in procrastination and a combination of the feeling of inadequacy as well as confusion. The anxiety mostly comes from the fact that most students are inexperienced and unfamiliar with writing, but in an actual sense, a research paper is as simple as writing any form of an essay. The only trick with such a paper is that you need at all costs to have a good research base to be able to cover all corners of the topic while including the facts written by other people that could be contradicting your work and trying to prove them wrong by validating your facts.

How to Write a Good Research Paper

How to Write a Good Research Paper

Writing a research paper is an important academic aspect and cannot be avoided. The writing process of a research paper is among the most rewarding experiences in the world of academics. In fact, the research will follow you even in your career hence getting a good foundation early is crucial. You, however, need a lot of practice for you to perfect your writing skill in research papers. To the lucky ones the process comes out naturally, but to most people, they tend to struggle with research papers.

  • Choose a topic

The topic you choose should be preferably one that interests and at the same time challenges you. The attitude you have towards a topic is a big determinant of the effort as well as enthusiasm you place on your research. Your focus should be based on a limited aspect. Ensure you have obtained approval from your instructor on the topic before starting to research and write. Pick a subject you can manage and avoid those that are too specialized, technical, or learned. You should also avoid those topics with limited material sources.

  • Get Information

Get the general and background information

Get the general and background information on your topic where you can use search engines as well as other tools as your starting point. Use sources that are reliable and approved. The sources need to be peer reviewed meaning that they have been read and approved by other experts in the field. You need to carefully look at the sources that have been recommended by your instructor and make sure that you use them as well. You can look for books in your library and other print materials. Always remember that a good research paper is one that has been done extensive research on and the writer is able to get all the information from the different sources into one paper.

  • Write the thesis

The thesis statement is usually one sentence, and it requires you to do some level of critical thinking to come up with a well-founded thesis statement. Keep in mind that the thesis statement is a form of a declaration of your belief whereby the biggest part of your essay will be on arguments that support and defend the belief.

  • Have a tentative outline

All the points need to relate to the major topic that was mentioned first. It is mandatory to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. An outline helps you think through the topic and logically organize it before embarking on writing.

  • Organize your notes

Ensure that all the information gathered is organized as per the outline. After that ensure that you critically analyze the research data. Avoid any information that is irrelevant to your topic.

  • Write the first draft

After you have carefully written all the facts and points, it is quite helpful to mark all the areas you feel like you need to revisit. You can use a symbol to do this.

  • Revise your outline, and the first draft then come up with the final draft.
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