Explained Steps of Presidential Speech Examples

You might have been asked to give an outstanding presidential speech; one that will be marked in the memories of the listener or reader. You however have to keep in mind that preparation is the first step to success where you need to know the ins and outs of writing a great speech and organizing the ideas properly to save you the hustle when delivering it. Follow the guide as it will take you step by step and by the end of it you will be a remarkable speech writer.
Presidential Speech Examples

While writing your speech always think of your audience that is; what kind of audience will be there, will they relate to what I am writing? These are some of the questions that will help get rid of irrelevant areas. You can even place Socrates’ advice into consideration:

Ethos- this is the moral, educational, and ethical background of the audience.

Pathos- emotional appeal

Logos- make sure you address the intellect and logic of your audience.

To gather the highest amount of responses you need to structure the speech efficiently. You need to start very strong, always remember the first impressions matter most and last longer. You need to ensure that the beginning of the speech catches the attention of the audience and increase their urge to hear more. Your beginning should be a combination of:

  • A link to your audience and this is where you state what you have in common with your audience and it helps with getting people to relate more with your speech.
  • You should have a hook which can either be a joke, fascinating fact or statistics.
  • The purpose of the speech where you explain the reasons for the speech as well as what you intend to achieve through it.
  • Your set plan where you should in brief give the core points you are about to explain.

The next step is the main body; ‘meat of the speech’. This part should be comprised of the main arguments that support the initial claim you made where the number is dependent on the speech duration. For instance presidential speech examples with time duration for 3 arguments:

  • In your first argument you should make a claim and support it with information that is factual preferably a life example.
  • Your second argument can repeat the above stated steps;
  • And your final argument should address the viewpoint which is the opposing one but avoid supporting it. You can refute by use of real life evidences.

The conclusion of every speech is crucial. Remember you want as much responses as possible therefore make your conclusion memorable. First you can make a recap where you restate the main point explaining the ways in which you have made it solid in the main body, secondly; make a call to action where you can urge your audience to research, reflect and discuss, finally; thank the people for giving you their time and attention.

Consider this as the first draft of your speech. It is advisable to go through your speech after writing it for the first time as you will realize there are areas that can be improved. After giving yourself sometime off get back to your speech and reread it to highlight the areas that can be improved. You can even ask a friend to have a read and ask for their insight of the speech; second opinions can go a long way to making your speech THE BEST. You can then check for expressions that are unnatural and always remember a speech should be written as per how you talk. This will avoid it sounding like it was rehearsed and make it more real.

You have your speech ready at this point the only thing left is to successfully deliver it. Ensure that you practice, avoid memorizing the whole speech rather know the key points step by step, get your preferable relaxation techniques like taking deep breaths, drinking water or tea, smile and be friendly to your audience and you will get back the same energy back and finally do not forget to enjoy yourself.

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