Formatting a Michael Jordan Essay Paper

July 14th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

Every essay must follow a basic formula. Understanding and correctly formatting your essay simplifies the task for you because it will enable you to know what to discuss at a particular point in the writing. Our straightforward and practical outline of a descriptive essay will assist you to write a Michael Jordan Essay Paper that will enable you to earn the highest marks possible. Here are things that your essay must include:

 Use of transition statements in a Michael Jordan Essay Paper

Use appropriate transitions to link one paragraph to the next one. The different points in the article should relate to each other. It should not appear as if you have three different essays in one document. This ensures that your essay flows and does not leave the reader in suspense.

Mistakes to Avoid in the essay

Other than writing a relevant and interesting essay, several rules should be followed in essay writing. Failure to observe these rules results in mistakes that will cost you marks. They may seem common, but a good student needs to pay attention to the following aspects to make the article easy to understand.

Rule on Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms in an Essay

Abbreviation is the short form of a phrase or word, while acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations that are constructed by using the initial letters of words or parts of words in a name or phrase. In essay papers, you are required to capitalize each character of the words for full caps, and capitalize the very first and last words as well as all nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and subordinating conjunctions of heading caps.  The general rule for sentence caps is that you capitalize only the first letter of the first word, the initial word after a colon, and the proper nouns in the title, label, or phrase.

 Rule on Compound Words and Hyphenation Writing

Regardless of the role that full-time compound words play in the sentence, be it noun or adjective; they must be hyphenated. Hyphenate conditional compounds that are used as adjectives but do not hyphenate those used as nouns. Commonly used prefixes do not require a hyphen.

 Rule on Italics, Quotation Marks, and Block Quotations

In an essay, the keywords, titles, as well as foreign terms should be written in italics. Put quotation marks on common words that you have used unusually or coined words, nicknames, slang, and phrases or words that are utilized ironically. This will enable the reader to tell that the words have a special meaning other than the obvious. When quoting a lengthy sentence, use block quotes. Block quotes should always be indented from the margin on the left the same distance as a paragraph indent.

 Rule on Numbers in Nontechnical Contexts

A Michael Jordan paper is an example of a nontechnical context since it is a descriptive type of essay. Whole numbers should be used for numbers from one to one hundred, for round numbers, as well as any number at the start of a sentence.

Using the correct format in your essay and observing the grammatical rules above will guarantee you the highest score in the assignment. Sharpen your writing skills with the tips above. Also, you can hire experts like us to write for you an interesting essay at an affordable price to ensure that you submit thoroughly written work promptly, or pay a fee to view essay samples that have followed the above guidelines for better understanding.

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