Great insight on writing an Othello essay topic

Great insight on writing an Othello essay topic

Firstly, you need to understand who or what Othello is. You may have an idea if you have read Shakespeare’s works or if you love art and have watched the play. You may have also heard some people mention the name since the name ‘Othello’ is quite familiar.  However, some individuals lack an idea of the object to the name Othello probably because they are not familiar with Shakespeare’s works or have not come across the play or any information concerning Othello. The following article will give you the ability to write an Othello essay topic despite lacking previous knowledge of the character.

As mentioned above, you need to familiarize yourself with the subject to write a good essay. Thus you should ask yourself the question: Who or what is Othello? Asking yourself this question before writing the essay is crucial as it piques your interest on the subject thus motivates you to conduct research on the topic.

Some of the sources will explain OthelloSome of the sources will explain Othello as a character in Shakespeare’s popular play ‘Othello.’ Further research will show you where Shakespeare drew his inspiration to write about Othello. You should, therefore, conduct extensive research to get an understanding of the character and its origin. The knowledge acquired will be crucial as you write your introduction. An introduction that thoroughly explains the subject shows your audience that you have a vast knowledge on the topic. Remember that your introduction should have a thesis statement which conveys the central message of your essay. You write the statement at the end of your introductory paragraph.

The body comes after the introduction. You should plan your essay in advance to know the components of your essay. A proper plan will assist you in writing your introduction and the body of your essay. This is because the plan will help you to arrange your thoughts systematically. Remember that different paragraphs should support different topics. The body of an essay about Othello may contain the following information:

  • A proper description of Othello that entails who he is, where he is situated, the period, his life, occupation, etc.
  • His character traits. Is he the good character or the bad character of the play? Is his character abhorrent or likable? Do you identify with Othello? Are there people who identify with his character?
  • What contributes to his popularity? What makes Othello stand out in the play? Why is he famous to date?
  • What is his significance in the play? What makes his character crucial to the play? Would the plot survive without Othello?
  • The themes that Othello supports. What themes does Shakespeare convey using Othello? Are these the issues facing individuals today?
  • Lessons learned from Othello’s character. Did you learn anything from Othello? If so, explain the teachings.
  • Did Othello’s character fit the message that Shakespeare was trying to convey?

These pointers help you paint an elaborate picture of Othello. You should explain the points extensively to provide a better understanding of Othello to your readers. You need to write your essay with the mentality that your readers have no prior knowledge of Othello. Such a mindset will help you avoid ambiguity. You should, however, concisely present your points to avoid writing meaningless information. Therefore, your essay should be concise. Remember to heed to the expected word limit to avoid penalization.

You should write a conclusion after the body that sums up the important points of the essay. Here, you can explain in brief who Othello is, Othello’s significance, the traits, importance, and lessons learned. Do not introduce new information in conclusion but instead focus on the body. Make sure that your thesis statement is in line with the body of the essay. You should also highlight the thesis statement in conclusion to show the reader that your essay supports the statement.

Lastly, proofread your essay to get rid of any spelling and grammar mistakes.

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