How can I write a civil disobedience essay?

How can I write a civil disobedience essay?

Writing a civil disobedience essay is simple. You may face difficulties since you lack knowledge on the topic, or are clueless on how to start your essay. Follow the following guidelines, and you will find yourself writing an interesting essay on civil disobedience.

What is civil disobedience? You should ask yourself this question as you start writing your essay. You may understand the meaning but lack the words to express yourself in writing. Do not panic if you find yourself in such a situation since there are so many sources that can readily provide you with the definition. For instance, am sure that the topic is in your coursework thus the assignment by your teacher. Therefore, look up the meaning of the word in the course book, understand it and write it in your words. You can also use scholarly sources from the internet if you do not have the source with you. Ensure that you use your own words to explain the meaning to avoid plagiarism. Also, include the source alongside the text and on the reference page. You can use this information as your introduction to inform your audience what civil disobedience is. The introduction should also contain the points that your essay aims at addressing. Remember to write a thesis statement at the end of your essay. You can research information on thesis statement if you face difficulty writing one.

Write the body to your essay after the introduction. The body contains all relevant information about civil disobedience. Therefore, you need to conduct research to obtain meaningful information. You should only use the sources that your instructor specifies. You can cover the following in your essay:

  • A further explanation of civil disobedience. You may have mentioned the definition in the introduction but did not explain it in detail. Do so in the first paragraph of the body. You can give examples to show your reader what civil disobedience entails. You can also refer to some popular individuals who practiced it in the past.
  • You should explain the causes of civil disobedience. Why do individuals choose to disobey their civil duties? What prompts such behavior? What are the beliefs of such people?
  • You should also highlight and explain the consequences of civil disobedience. You can use theory and practical examples. For instance what consequences did the people that you listed in paragraph one face after disobeying their civil duties? Are the consequences faced by specific individuals or entire regions or countries?
  • Following the actions and consequences of civil disobedience, is it wise to practice such behavior?
  • What actions can individuals and state use to avoid the consequences of civil disobedience?
  • What is your stand on civil disobedience?

Ensure that you handle these issues comprehensively to answer any question that your reader may have. Avoid unclear statements and providing unnecessary information. Ensure that the content provided is pertinent and genuine. You can support your assertions with facts, statistics, and quotes as long as you provide the source of those facts. Avoid information that you cannot verify.

You can write recommendations after the body on the steps that individuals and state officials should take to avoid the consequences of civil disobedience. The recommendations can be within the body, or you can write them separately depending on the format you want to use. Your recommendations should be relevant and applicable. Do not provide any recommendations if you cannot generate any solutions to solve civil disobedience consequences.

The last segment of you essay should be the conclusion. A conclusion is a summary of the article that you have written. Only include the important points. Note that a conclusion should not have any source since you are summing up the information that you have provided in your essay. Ensure that you include your thesis statement in your essay. Inclusion shows the reader that your essay met the objective or message that you aimed at as you were writing the essay.

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