How to Increase your Creativity?

Psychology interprets the creativity like the particular usage of the human imagination. Therefore, an important part of improving creative abilities is a development of fancy. Scientists who analyzed the components of creativity concluded that intuition also plays a significant role in the development of creative thinking (intuitive understanding).

Try to communicate with creative people who have achieved success in their fields. It does not necessarily have to be artists, as the creative person can be found in any profession. Do not be afraid to experiment. Our strict frameworks of rules in which we set ourselves (how to behave and think), lead us to the fact that we reject good ideas that could contribute to the development of creativity. Being afraid to be a target for ridicule, we control our behavior for accuracy and admissibility.

How to Increase your Creativity

The important point, which will move from the dead point in the development of creative thinking, is a call to action. Do not wait for the right moment to create something unique and attractive. Do not think that you are not enough prepared. Use these methods to develop your creative thinking:

  1. Free Writing and Rewriting

Just try to focus on the text and start writing. You cannot imagine how many unpredictable ideas may produce the flow generated by your subconscious.

  1. Play with words

When traveling, or while waiting for the flight, the best way to improve your creativeness is to adhere to the following exercise. Write the phrase “creative productivity” and “productive creativity” and make a description of the two definitions. On the other hand, you may find and compose any random word and start to consider an entirely different phrase.

  1. Look at the situation through the eyes of another person

You need to imagine or invite the desired “interlocutor”. Ask him or her a question and listen carefully.

  1. Flight of the fancy

For example, a group of people is offered a sketch with a 10-20 questions or statements – fantastic, unusual ideas for solving well-known problems. The list of ideas that were generated during the brainstorm would be used as a powerful and useful data. In the future, these ideas can lead to the original idea when searching for solutions to real problems.

  1. Structuring

Write out an issue or a required task, and then start to divide them into the components. Part of the solution to the whole problem comes from the analogy or hint of the solution of one of its components.

  1. The quota for ideas

Every day and at the beginning of the discussion and brainstorming, consider the number of ideas and set suggestions that you have to achieve as a result. Having a particular statistic significantly improves the performance of the discussion.

  1. Ask questions

Train your curiosity by asking questions about the origin, purpose and possible development of everything that gets in your field of vision.

A significant improvement of the creativity just gives you the ability to develop, capture and record suddenly flashed thoughts and ideas.

  • When started to develop the idea, be very concentrated without being distracted by anything else, focus your attention on a central idea or the preferred subject.
  • If you want to create a new original product or to solve the issue that needs a creative approach, your mind should be pliable and flexible.
  • Learn to think outside the box, and use a possibility to switch from one thought to another.
  • Build unexpected combinations, find out all sorts of options, stirred the idea, and consider the situation from all angles.

In a conclusion, we can say that creative thought sometimes comes suddenly through the inspiration but mostly born by the orientation method of the consciousness in finding ideas.

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