How to Pick Excellent Cause and Effect Essay Topics?

There are so many types of essays there in the world you can simply lose your head.

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Cause & Effect is easy to understand, but it’s not that easy to write one. It is almost impossible to get lost as this paper always follows a pattern which is rather logical. Once you create the outline, you can be sure about the successful completion of the entire essay. School and college students receive cause and effect essays as part of their homework or in-class activity. As you can guess from its name, the essay interprets the reasons why something occurs or exists and the consequences of this phenomenon. You may also be asked to analyze the relationship between cause and effect.

As we mentioned the outline is the key to success to cause and effects essay, let’s discuss how it should look. Preliminary research is an obligatory step. During this research, a student may also download several essay examples and templates to use in his work.

Many people confuse an outline with a table of contents. The only difference is that you don’t need to put page numbers when it comes to the outline sections.

Explain the cause’s background. It is a critical detail, a basis of your paper. Make sure to define the audience properly to interact with it correctly. Then, come up with the structure of your essay. An outline is the reflection of essay’s structure through highlighting all sections and subsections.

There are two ways to set up the paper of this type.

  • One effect caused by many things
  • Many effects caused by a single thing

In any case, you will have to specify this information in the thesis statement. This statement is the last part of the introduction. It consists of a sentence or two.

cause and effect essay

A few words about body paragraphs of the cause and effect essay. Start with the first effect as your argument. Name one or more causes writing down why the certain thing happened. It would be your supporting evidence. Don’t forget to cite credible sources. End up with the sentence which leads into the following paragraph (so-called transition). Repeat this structure three times. This way, you will get a standard body made of three paragraphs with three powerful arguments respectively. Then, simply tie your information with a conclusion.

20 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics to Keep in Mind20 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics to Keep in Mind

Before you start working on your first draft, create a list of causes and corresponding effects. You may describe more than one process or problem in your essay, but it’s better to focus on a single theme. While you conduct research on all possible topics, take notes. Later, choose the best ideas from the list to write about them. The criteria for selecting the best topic are:

  • Relevance
  • Relatedness to subject
  • Amount of up-to-date sources
  • Topicality of the issue in modern society
  • Personal knowledge

Here you can find a list of the best cause and effect essay topics. Choose wisely. Make sure you have enough information that you may use as an effective evidence. Also, your teacher must confirm your topic in case you may select one on your own.

When you’re done with your cause and effect paper, include references according to the chosen writing style on the last page. Revise the essay (re-read it twice and fix all mistakes). Apply various online tools or special software to scan your final draft for plagiarism and mistakes.

Top Cause and Effect Topics

Top Cause and Effect Topics

  • Impacts of Global Warming
  • Causes of Pollution
  • Reasons for the Fast Growth of Fast Food Chains
  • Influence of Alcohol and Smoking on Nervous System
  • Hate Crimes
  • Effects of Violent Video Games on Teens
  • USA Politics against African Countries
  • Internet Impact on Children
  • Early Sexual Life
  • Music Effects on Human Brain
  • Consequences of School Bullying
  • Upbringing Kids in Poverty
  • What Makes Some Females to Get Involved in Destructive Relationships Several Times?
  • Earthquakes and potential dangers they bring
  • Why Is It Important to Get Rid of Stresses?
  • How War in Ukraine Effects European Union Decisions?
  • The Cause and Effects of Lying to People
  • Cause and Effects of 10-Hour Working Day
  • Main Reasons for Racism to Exist

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