How to Select the Major

September 16, 2016 | GradeMiners

How to Select the Major

One of the main issues of students-to-be is the choice of the area of specialization and their future career. Many of them find it hard to determine the future specialty independently. In each case, the choice should be approached individually but there are some universal rules. So if you are in search of fun life and professional happiness, these basic tips on choosing the specialization will help you.

  • Try to determine the future specialty and educational institution long before the final exams. Try to get a prospective of your profession at different times of your life, thoroughly and without undue haste. In order do this, get a piece of paper and write down all interesting specialties in one column. And in another column, indicate a specialty that you would not be involved under any circumstances. When imagination runs low, you can turn to family members, friends who know you well and have studied and analyzed a list of these options. It is likely that they can offer valuable comments and advice.
  • Seek the data about what universities in your area (or in the city where you are going to supply) are offering studies according to specific specializations. Read the university site, take a trip to all of them, if it is possible, and make a little investigation. So you will be able to assess not only the appearance of the required university but also the principle of the academic attitude to their work. Gather a bunch of booklets and talk with the local students. Pay attention to the level of university activity in international events and scientific conferences.
  • Go through different tests for career guidance. Today, a lot of them are available on the Internet. It will be useful to buy at least one book on the psychology of the pitfalls in the process of choosing a profession. As a result, you get more or less objective understanding of various fields, which have the greatest chances and prospects. It will also help you determine the list of professions that should be strictly avoided in your selection.
  • Do not neglect the different ways of self-determination. In particular, start to be acquainted with archeology and astrology or even socionics. It will permit to learn plenty of useful and important things about yourself. These are controversial ways but they will assist in choosing the appropriate option. For example, socionics will determine the appropriate specialty with regard to its type of information metabolism.
  • Listen to yourself. Usually, quiet reflections and dreams will help you figure out what you prefer the most. At least, try to forget temporarily about desires and rules, imposed by the society. We must continue to believe in our dreams and ourselves even if others are skeptical. Try to figure out what is connected to your ideal job. Each person is unique and different, so avoid social stereotypes.
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