1984 Essay Is a Problem? Here’s How to Write It Hands-Down 😉

George Orwell’s 1984 is a famous novel that doesn’t lose popularity and relevance even in the modern world. Thus, students of various specialties are often tasked with writing a 1984 essay on different topics.

Some 1984 essay questions relate to the literary component of the novel, with the students analyzing the protagonist, setting, author’s style, and language means used by Orwell in the composition. Other 1984 themes an essay can cover include politics, social relationships, propaganda, and the concept of dystopia.

Are you confused about writing your 1984 essay? No panic, as we’re ready to help you out and support your academic efforts. In this detailed article, we disclose all intricacies and details of writing such an assignment, including (while not limited to):

  • Composing a well-structured 1984 essay outline.
  • Developing a clear, informative, and non-trivial 1984 thesis statement.
  • Choosing sound arguments and trustworthy sources for the body of your paper.
  • Generating an insightful, critical 1984 essay conclusion.
  • Choosing an interesting 1984 essay

Stay tuned to learn all you need to know about composing this type of home task from scratch, and you’re sure to excel in your studies.

What Is the 1984 Essay?

The first point you need to deal with is to figure out, “What is 1984 about?” In fact, the novel has become immortal because it offers a realm of ideas and vantage points for analysis, thus suggesting that everyone finds something particular for themselves in the plot.

Still, every student should consider some general motifs and themes in their analysis when preparing for the 1984 essay composition.

  • Orwell wrote the novel to criticize the Communist states, seeing the primary menace to human freedom in the totalitarian regime associated with the USSR. But apart from that criticism of Soviet rule, Orwell went much further in depicting a totally despotic state, a dystopian regime in which the omnipresent and omniscient government regulates people’s actions and even thoughts. This is a fruitful idea to explore in an essay as totalitarian states are present in the 21st century as well. Even the USA, one of the leading democracies in the world, actively exploits technology to spy on people and regulate them, which is also a sign of a technologically totalitarian state. Thus, you can discuss various shades of meaning of political oppression and discuss them with relevance to 1984.
  • Another significant aspect of 1984 is the concept of human freedom and individualism. People in 1984 are urged to live, act, and work collectively, with minimal personal freedoms and the absence of choice in trivial matters. Those who try to protest are demolished psychologically. You can focus on this theme and discuss how the totalitarian state can oppress people to keep them under control. Are there any instances of real-life human oppression like the ones discussed in 1984?
  • Orwell also depicts Male-female relationships through the prism of the natural human striving to find a couple, be happy, and get out of the suffocating cage of political control. In 1984, Wilson and Julia are distinct personalities with their unique features and traits. They also have different attitudes to the political regime in which they live. You can discuss these issues closely in an analytical essay.

So, when you get such a task at your academic institution, it’s vital not to start procrastinating. We know that the novel is so famous that tons of papers have been composed about it, discussing every tiny detail of the plot, message, and philosophy that Orwell communicated in the piece.

Yet, there is always a way to make your assignment unique; just keep in mind that your voice is individual, and the approach that you take to the novel will make your 1984 essay stand apart.

1984 Essay Outline

Creating an outline is a vital part of any essay composition process. An outline will give you a roadmap for further creation of body paragraphs, serving as a compass and helping you avoid off-topic writing.

A typical outline should include the thesis statement, the topic sentences for each body paragraph, some ideas for a conclusion, and optional notes about the sources you plan to use in every part.

Here is a sample outline you can compose for a 1984 essay.


  • introduction to the novel (who wrote, when, the main themes)
  • narrowing down the focus – Orwell’s idea of a totalitarian state

Thesis statement: though Orwell’s 1984 is considered a dystopian piece of science fiction, his ideas about totalitarianism are still relevant for today’s political regimes.


PARAGRAPH #1 – Orwell’s depiction of a totalitarian state (some supporting quotes)

  • analogs with today’s non-democratic states

PARAGRAPH #2 – Orwell’s depiction of how technology is used to limit people’s freedoms

  • analogs with today’s tech surveillance and espionage, face recognition, etc.

PARAGRAPH #3 – Orwell’s depiction of brainwashing and informational manipulation

  • real-world examples of such cases in the modern world, social media manipulation, news spinning

CONCLUSION – Orwell was right and exact in many predictions about technology’s assistance in totalitarian control of people. Today’s technology assists governments in espionage and limits people’s freedom instead of giving them the comfort promised by marketers.

1984 Essay Questions: Check Yourself

Not sure whether you understood the novel correctly? Wishing a quick self-check before continuing with the writing?

Here are some topics to consider – think over the possible answers and clarify whether the content was comprehended well:

  1. Totalitarianism through the prism of gender relation regulation.
  2. How did technological progress contribute to the limitation of human freedoms in 1984?
  3. 1984 compared to today essay – do any modern states comply with Orwell’s 1949 vision of a totalitarian state?
  4. Primary symbols in the novel.
  5. Room 101 – what is the impact of people’s exposure to their worst fears on their freedom?
  6. Characters holding power – how do they differ from others?
  7. How did Orwell depict brainwashing in the novel? Is that image relevant today?
  8. Is Orwell’s novel a reflection of Western fears of Communism, or is the concept of the state broader than that?
  9. Discuss the relationship between the individual and the collective in 1984.
  10. Is technology an assistive tool in reality control?

As soon as you answer these questions, you will be much better positioned to choose an interesting theme for your next paper on 1984 and compose an outstanding analytical text.

How to Write 1984 Thesis Statement

Composing a 1984 thesis may seem easy at first, but overall, it may turn into a real challenge. Whatever topic you choose from the list above, you’ll surely need to encapsulate your entire essay message in the well-developed thesis statement.

Here are some pro tips from our experts on the development of correct, workable thesis statements:

  • Never make it too long, trying to grasp the idea behind your essay in a single sentence (maximum two sentences).
  • Let your thesis statement serve as a map for your readers; it should include all significant arguments and points you’ll talk about.
  • Position your thesis statement properly so that the readers locate it. It should be placed at the end of the introduction to guide the audience on what will be discussed next.

What to Write in 1984 Essay Conclusion

All essays on 1984 should have a clear, concise, and informative conclusion that stretches far beyond a simple summary of what you wrote in the body of the essay. Here, you should go at length to synthesize the findings and draw broader conclusions to the modern world, politics, human freedom, and social relationships. Every essay is a sort of student’s intellectual progress, so your supervisor is sure to appreciate your analytical insights in the concluding part.

More Writing Hints from Our Experts

Our writers are highly experienced in composing papers on 1984, so they have come up with some workable tips to strengthen the impact of your essays:

  • Support all claims with citations from the novel.
  • Use credible sources and analytical pieces to substantiate your arguments.
  • Try to find parallels with modern politics and society to make the essay content relevant.
  • Make your own conclusions and share your insights to give your paper a unique voice.

Need Assistance with Your Essay?

Writing about literary pieces seems easy, but that’s a common misconception. Students often fall prey to the strangulating deadlines or a lack of inspiration, thus not knowing where to start and what to include in an essay to get a high grade. We know this problem as we’ve worked with hundreds of students on 1984 essays and understand the typical troubles you may encounter when dealing with such an assignment.

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