How to Write a Great Book Review

Book reviews help readers know if the book is going to be of help to them or not. It should be able to give a recap of what the book is all about. A good review of the book will help the readers to judge the book even before reading it. It’s a deep analysis of the book, and its main purpose is to evaluate what is the value of the book to the reader. For instance, a good review of “A very Old Man with Enormous Wings” book will help the reader to reflect on it and interpret what the book is all about.

A book review gives readers what they think about the book, and it includes one’s personal view, and they say if they will recommend the book to another person or not. A review will include symbolism, elements that the book portrays, the author’s goals and themes.

Capture the Overall Book Theme at a Glance

Capture the Overall Book Theme at a Glance

A good book review should have an idea of the overall theme of the book, but it should only be important information that comes from a specific chapter that brings out the objective of the author. And when the reader reads the review, it should be able to give a synopsis of what the book is all about. Like for a review of the book “A very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” it should be ready to tell the reader what the intention of the author while writing the book was, what’s the literature behind it, who the old man in the book is, how the enormous wings impacted his life. Did the wings make him a hero or a failure?

What Lessons or Message Does the Book Pass?

A good book review should also be able to tell readers how the book has contributed to the field of knowledge, like is the book able to help readers with some knowledge, how does the book change, does it add or break the subjects’ knowledge? Like in A very Old Man with Enormous Wings essays, the review should tell readers if the title really means what it states, or is it a symbolic piece with moral lessons the reader should look into? The review should tell readers if the author’s ideas are new as compared to other authors’ book or are they vague and shallow? You are absolutely allowed to criticize the book if it was a whack to the body of knowledge.

  • Explain the main argument points and if you believe the writer presented them well
  • Since the book is a work of art, you can interpret any symbolism and give your own opinion
  • Ensure that your book review is scannable and easy to read. Book reviews are meant to save the reader time. Yours must be easy to read and keen on presenting book highlights and arguments
  • Briefly describe any of the main characters to create a relationship when touching on them. For instance, tell us Tom is Jessica’s husband, and Tim is their son. Let the reader draw some reasonable character understanding
  • The review should also put the author into perspective and give credit where it’s due. It should be able to tell readers the period the author took to write the book; which audience the writer targeted

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Essays Must be Fun

Make your review is eye catching to the readers such that it includes quotations from the books that was a deal breaker to the theme in the book “A very Old Man with Enormous Wings.” It should quote the reason the man had enormous wings, what is the interesting line in the book that can be eye-catching to readers?

Keep the Review Detailed and Specific

A good book review should be detailed and specific, one should stay away from being too abstract, like writing the data of what other people say or writing an interesting observation about the book unless you can support your observation with detailed examples from the book.

Your review needs to steer away from giving the author insight of what they should have written about, or what attitude the author should have portrayed; the review should be intended to the reader’s’ knowledge, you should stay in that lane and not drive away from it. In short, your audience should be readers, so do not correct what the author has written about.

Lastly, a good book review should be between 500 to 1500 words, outlining the strengths and weakness of the book. It should give the readers a grasp of how you felt after reading the book. It should tell readers if the author did a thorough research on the subject.

Every good book review takes a lot of reading and interpretation. It is almost impossible to create a comprehensive book review without taking the time to actually read the book in question and form your own opinion about the subject matter. It goes without saying that you will need to set aside some calm days and a notebook to go through the book capturing crucial points and themes to write a unique and convincing review.

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