How to write a psychology research paper

Research papers are a common task for many students including those studying psychology in college or university. Psychology is an extremely interesting subject, and it has plenty of topics to be researched. Congrats on choosing this specialization.
Psychology Research Paper

Let’s move on to the tips that may facilitate your research writing. First of all, never underestimate your official guidelines. Your tutor has given you that brochure for a reason. Also, it is crucial to stick to the referencing style you are supposed to follow. As soon as that is checked, move to your title page.

It is made according to the rules of your college and your referencing style. After the title page, the abstract comes. You actually write that section last as it summarizes the formal side of your research aka the main problem, your methods, the main conclusions, etc. This section is pretty important as it presents the whole work. So pay attention to it.

Then move on to the introduction. It makes your reader familiar with the issue and lets you prepare the grounds for your main part. In this section, you have to provide a literature review on the issue. If you’re writing a comprehensive study, focus on this more, if that’s just a regular paper, review the main works that are related to the subject.

The introduction shows how you perceive those sources and what approach are you going to take towards the issue.

Then usually the method section, where you describe the technical side of your research comes. Follow it up with the results section, the discussion part and the references page. Those parts should be described well in your college writing guide.

These tips may help

Psychology is a very subjective sphere of knowledge. For this reason, you have to stay as unbiased as possible. You are a researcher, and it is a good tone to stay non-judgmental as you are writing a research paper for your psychology course. Try to present the information in a manner that is balanced and tactful. Think of your reader. You should write keeping in mind that your work is intended to be read by those who have the basic knowledge in psychology.

These people may not be familiar with your topic, but you are not writing for the widest circle of readers. It is an academic writing, which means those who are going to read it are likely to comprehend the main terms and concepts. It is not an article for a magazine, so don’t be afraid to use terms. On the other hand, do not try to overuse long words as they won’t add you points. You need to convey your idea, and for this matter, your writing has to be understandable.

And last but not least, read your paper to yourself to make sure it is readable and is easy to understand. You’ll see whether your writing is easily understandable and will imagine how your audience will perceive it.

We hope these tips will turn your writing from a hard task to a rewarding experience, and you’ll write a brilliant research paper.

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