How to Write an Essay About Food

When choosing a topic for your food essay, it is very easy to get lost in the many fascinating ideas, each of which reflects certain properties and aspects of the phenomenon, along with a presentation of the features of the sphere of life of which it is a part. In this context, it is significant to maintain a balance between the first and second, competently synthesizing the studied materials into a full-fledged study.

Below we have presented several recommendations that may be useful in the process of completing the assignment. Moreover, you can read a 300 word essay example!

Is Writing a Food Essay Important?

Modern civilization has made food the subject and means of ideological speculation. Coding and shaping a certain kind of person through advertising, food plays an important role. The etiquette aspect of food is manifested in the fact food symbolically reflects the social, cultural, and even existential content of various life events and situations. Most of all, this is represented in typologies such as festive, everyday, ritual.

Based on the above, it becomes obvious that food and various related phenomena occupy a significant position in everyone’s life. That is why, when writing an essay on food, your priority will be to try to turn it into a project that directly or indirectly expresses the position of the author, supported by a thorough study of the highlighted issue.

Essay on Food Writing Tips

Choose a topic.

Often this first step is one of the most difficult when working on an essay about food because of the many options available to explore the phenomenon from opposite angles, but equally exciting. You need to narrow down your interests as much as possible, focusing only on the most exciting ones.

Look for other authors’ work.

It would be a great idea to check out some food essay examples. This will help you not only deal with the specifics of writing a paper but also navigate the choice of a suitable topic.


Since food is an element of knowledge and at the same time a way of getting pleasure, it stores information about the traditions of a particular people. When traveling to other countries, you can visually learn about the culture of food consumption and other significant aspects of the selected issue. Combine business with pleasure!

Discuss the workflow and various difficulties with others.

Each of us makes mistakes. Do not be discouraged if several problems arise when working on your paper. Writing a food essay is not an easy task that requires taking into account many significant nuances.

In this context, it can be helpful to share your experiences with others. Discuss work not only with your supervisor or professor but also with friends during gatherings somewhere in a cafe. This will help you relax.

20 Food Essay Examples of Topics

  1. Traditional food is an expression of ethnic identity.
  2. Features of the functioning of linguistic realities with the semantics of “food” (based on Charles Dickens’s works).
  3. Specificity of fermented milk probiotic products.
  4. Intercultural differences and cultural universals in the context of eating habits.
  5. Scientific and organizational approaches in the field of promoting knowledge about rational nutrition.
  6. The gastronomic culture of India in the context of folk wisdom.
  7. The poetics of the meal in literature and cinema: from Victorianism to modernism.
  8. Distinctive characteristics of the national Maldivian cuisine.
  9. Conceptualization of the concept of food in the French language picture of the world.
  10. Gastronomic metaphor as a way of expressing appreciation in Turkish.
  11. Communication with consumers in the field of fast food (on the example of McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King brands).
  12. The study of the causes of the development of obesity in the population and attitudes towards it.
  13. Impact of the financial crisis on the catering market.
  14. Importance of proper nutrition during physical activity.
  15. Enteral clinical nutrition in intensive care.
  16. Transformations of modern gastronomic culture and fast food totality.
  17. Identification of factors affecting customer satisfaction in restaurants.
  18. The mythology of absorption in modern mass culture.
  19. Reflection of the cult of food in the Chinese language picture of the world.
  20. Features of table etiquette in France, Italy, and Japan.

300 Word Essay Example

The Specifics of Fast Food As a Reflection of American Culture

The food traditions of various peoples of the world are currently receiving considerable attention. The special interest in food as one of the components of traditional cultures is explained by the fact that it more fully reflects traditions, is the most stable, and persists even in conditions of complete deformation of other components of ethnic culture.

Most of all, fast food expresses the specifics of the American national model of the world, being a product of American culture. Of course, the American image of food is not limited to fast food, including, as in any country, both traditional holiday dishes and haute cuisine presented in restaurant culture. But still, the image and idea of fast food could only grow on the soil of an emigrant culture, finding its popularity when spreading throughout the world.

The American attitude to food is the attitude to the fuel necessary for the functioning of the mechanism called “body”. The human corporeality, which is faced with the tasks of labor and self-overcoming to achieve maximum success in a competitive environment, practically loses its existential sound and is reduced to instrumental discourse. The body is perceived as requiring self-care in a mechanistic way, and in this respect, any free time not spent directly on labor seems to be wasted. It is a significant reason that has shaped one of the characteristics of fast food.

So, in fast food, the temporal structure of food is compressed as much as possible. The cooking process is reduced and represents a rapid synthesis of incompatible components, together with providing a high caloric content of food. The consumer receives a food kit that is disposed of for a short period, actively used for other things too.

Fast food is democratic and affordable. It equalizes everyone, and ideally, meets the function of fuel because of its simplicity and calorie content. It is abundance and huge portions, which also reflects the idea of the abundance of gifts of the new promised land as part of the hope for a better life.

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