How to Write an Essay on Cultural Festivals

Every nation or even a group of people living in one place has its own cultural festivals. Even if they think they don’t actually organize such events, they have cultural habits that are reflected in How to Write an Essay on Cultural Festivalscelebrating holidays, spending free time and so on. To write an essay about cultural festivals, define what kind of an essay you have to write. It can be a descriptive story where you will present the information about the events. Or it can be a compare and contrast essay where you will compare the festivals.

Take a notebook with a pencil and write down all of the festivals that you remember. And don’t write about them, let other students write hundreds of essays about them. Your goal is to interest the reader and provide some new knowledge about things they think know a lot of. Use Google to find the information about the festivals you have never heard of. Once again, every nation, every little group of people have at least one festival a year. So start the search right now.

Tips on how to write an essay

When you know what cultural festival you will write about, it’s time to start writing your essay. Take the following steps to make your writing process well-organized:

  • Make up an outline. It’s a detailed plan of the whole story.
  • Develop a thesis or even several of them to choose the one after the next step.
  • Do the research, and collect the information only from reliable sources.
  • Write the body of the essay. Put one fact or problem about the festival into one paragraph. Put at least one citation into one paragraph.
  • Write the conclusion. You can state whether you’d like to visit the festival and why or you can sum up the things you have mentioned in the main part of the text.
  • Write the introduction. Update the thesis to make it match the overall essay.

What you shouldn’t write in the essay

Criticizing the cultural festivals can result in a negative feedback on them. Don’t state your personal opinion if you hate some festivals. Just don’t write about them. If people take part in them, they like it, and it’s their choice. Stating your personal opinion is possible only if the reliable sources support it. However, we recommend avoiding any negative coloring of your essays as your goal is to impress the readers and provide them with reliable facts.

Don’t write about too obvious things or festivals that the readers know well about. Of course, you don’t know where they have been to or what information they already know. But writing about the festivals that are organized in your city is not a very good idea. Always use the sources even if you have visited the festival yourself. You should show your ability to do the research and not to retell your personal experience.

What you should do after you finish the essay

When you have the text ready, your first task to do will be evaluating the story. Always ask yourself “So what?” when writing any essay. The text should provide value for the reader and not only for you. If you don’t know what to answer, you will have to rewrite the story or even repeat the research. If you have a clear and precise answer, you can proceed to the next task. And it’s removing unnecessary words and phrases from the text. If you can delete the words and the sentence won’t lose its meaning, do it. If you can delete the whole paragraph and the text remains its sense, do it.

And the last step will be proofreading the essay. Read the text aloud, read as many times as you can and remove all possible mistakes that you can notice. Use the software for checking the text for mistakes, and it’s better to use paid apps. You can record yourself when reading aloud and then listen to the story. You can paraphrase the sentences to make them sound more fluent and smooth. Put the text aside for a few days and reread it for one or more times to ensure that your essay on cultural festivals is perfect.

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