How to write essays on teaching effectively

How to write essays on teaching effectively

Apart from looking at the said essays, we will also look at how they should be written and what arguments should guide the opinion of an essay, or its conclusion. Before we do that though, it is crucial that we look at the importance of teaching and why essays on being effective as a teacher even matter. First, the person responsible for teaching, a teacher, is one whose responsibility is to help others obtain knowledge, be competent and have certain values. When we talk of teaching, it does not necessarily mean the kind that is offered in school or colleges. It also means the kind offered at work or through apprenticeship. However, for the purpose of this article, we will dwell mostly on trained paid professionals that are tasked with educating formally or in educational institutions.

For an essay on effective teaching to be informative, as a writer you have to first understand the responsibilities of the tutors. This will help you base your essays in relation to what is expected of the said professionals.  To begin with, it is crucial that as an essay writer you understand the role of a teacher. Questions that would guide you include; what is expected of an effective teacher? What would ensure effectiveness when teaching?  A teacher’s task should be clearly highlighted in an effective teaching essay.  These tasks would be lesson preparation: should be done in accordance to curricula, actual teaching and progressive assessment of students or pupils.

It is also of importance that teachers be competent and have certain qualities for them to be effective. These competencies should be brought out in essays on teaching effectively. Even as you write an essay on effective teaching, do not forget that it is not entirely the teacher who comes into play here. There are also other factors beyond a tutor’s control that can hinder or promote their effectiveness. A good writer should also be able to bring this out in their essay. Some of these factors include but are not limited to, the history and tradition of the student, social views of education and also theoretical expectations about learning.

While writing this sort of essays, it is also important to include the role of the training accorded to the development and continued support of teachers as a factor towards their effectiveness in their jobs or roles. This includes a teacher’s knowledge and grasp of their particular field, their social skills as well as craft skills. Overlooking a teacher’s qualification also would be a bias whenever you are writing about their effectiveness. That is why for one to qualify as a teacher, there are some prerequisites that should be fulfilled.

All the same, effective tutors have been found to show particular characteristics that luck in their ineffective peers. It is also of paramount significance that these characteristics be looked at in effective teaching essays. Remember that this alone can form the basis of a whole paper as there are a good number of them. Below we look at some of them and how they would come out in an essay on effective teaching.

Sample topic on essays on teaching effectively

Sample topic on essays on teaching effectively

Consider the sample on Characteristics of effective teachers. It is said that ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’. In a way, it is the same of all things. There are certain behaviors that are definitive of a particular object or subject.

In relation to effective teaching, the following characteristics should come out in essays on teaching as they represent effective teachers. The first one is organization and precision, which refers to a teachers’ ability to structure their lesson in a manner that is easily understood mainly by using examples, illustrations and analogies among others.

Second is being Analytical whereby for a teacher to be effective, they need thorough knowledge and understanding of their field, including history, present and future expectations and should use contrast to drive points home. Third is the aspect of dynamisms and enthusiastic in which effective teachers show love for what they do and they enjoy doing it. This excites student and they want to know more and understand where the enthusiasm comes from.

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