How to Your Research Paper Abortion – Super Tips from Superb Writers

When writing about abortionWhen writing about abortion, it can be very challenging because, the topic is an imperative issue in many countries and very sensitive to many people. It’s important that you are aware of your own feelings and the feelings of others on the topic so that your main goal would be to inform. By being informative, your readers can form their own opinions based on the facts and arguments you put across. Since the topic tends to be personal, as a writer you have to be very careful not to expose your moral values but rather stick to the facts so that you don’t end up writing a research paper abortion that judges and personally attacks the readers.

Different ways you can choose to write from

You can write it as an expository essay from a medical perspective by explaining how abortions are carried out, who carries them out, what are the risks and benefits of the procedure to the woman procuring it. It’s very important that you base your arguments on medical certified literature. You shouldn’t draw your conclusions on abortion in this essay

If you choose to do it as an argumentative essay, you can either take a Pro-life or a Pro-choice stand. You should be able to persuade your reader why they should share your opinion and why the opposing opinion is wrong but in an empathetic manner. However, your opinions should be very intelligent and factual not merely reflecting your personal feelings and beliefs about the topic.  Also don’t use prejudiced language to sway your opinion. If you wish to root your arguments on religious beliefs, ensure you actually use the holy bibles and give examples to base your opinion.

If you choose to write an analytical essay, choose a topic related to abortion, offer your informed facts and arguments to the reader without suggesting your position.

Choosing your research paper abortion topic

Since the topic on abortion is so broad and divergent, you should choose a prime topic that you can discuss under your general topic so that you can narrow your position and write an effective essay. You should consider doing research before developing your topic to provide valuable resources that will guide your writing. Some keywords that can help you develop your thematic statement include: abortion, emergency contraception, birth control, fetal gender selection, late term abortion, embryo, fetus, rape/ incest, genetic diseases. The topic you choose sets the tone for the essay to be expository, persuasive, argumentative or analytical

Guidelines to follow when sourcing for your research paper abortion

Abortion is among the most searched topics on web engines and it’s no doubt the amount of literature provided can be overwhelming. Be careful not to guess your facts but rather research thoroughly. However, as you choose your sources ensure that:

  • If it’s a biased source for your argumentative essay, you should cite from strong sources and verify the information through a neutral source
  • If it’s an objective source for your expository essay, search for information that supports both arguments. Where abortion can be legal and right like saving a mother’s life and instances where abortion is strongly condemned
  • You use should not use a source that is more than three years old. Focus more on recent material
  • If you cite laws that are a decade old, ensure you acknowledge any modifications that have been made to the laws
  • If you have doubts about your research material not being acceptable don’t use it
  • You use high quality academic sources like Encyclopaedia, Britannica, and Google Scholar.

 Citing your essay on abortion

You should acknowledge any writing that is not your own by accurately citing to avoid penalties for plagiarizing your essay. You can add err on your citation if you are uncertain if it’s borrowed knowledge. As you cite, ensure it’s per the writing styles APA, MLA, or Chicago

Concluding the essay

Be optimistic and objective in your conclusion. Don’t make a blanket statement as this will make you lose your credibility as a writer. Avoid profanities but rather choose words that respect the reader. Don’t personalize the essay too much because it will reflect your limited scope of knowledge that magnifies prejudice. So, if you intend to do a great research paper; stick to facts that are related to your thesis statement to develop strong arguments that leave an impression to your reader.

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