I Write My Paper but It Can Use Improvement

It isn’t true that essay writing is an activity that is reserved only for people with a knack for writing. Neither is it a signal that the writer will be a great novelist one day. All an essay indicates is that a person can understand a given topic and discuss it on paper. Nothing more, nothing less. The problem, is that just like with all other things related to learning, people tend to procrastinate until the need for a certain skill arises. In this case, the skill of essay writing is something that should continuously be practiced if you want a good grade on your next essay assignment. The question is, “How do I write my paper?”

How should I write a paper then?

If you just want to practice writing in essay form, then you don’t need to look too far. One of the best ways to practice essay writing is by writing a blog. Blogs allow you to choose your topic and discuss with an open mind, not held back by the dictates of your teacher or professor. So when someone asks you how you write your paper, you can respond with “I write my paper by freestyling it on my blog.”

Now some people aren’t comfortable with sharing their thoughts in full view of the public. That isn’t to say that writing an essay isn’t for you. Perhaps you are just a future novelist whose diaries will be the inspiration for the next big hit Hollywood movie. Writing in a diary still allows you to develop your writing skill in an albeit secretive manner.

What topics make for good practice writing?

I try to think of topics that might come up during the upcoming school semester. That means, I read up on current events, look at the trending topics on social media, and make sure that I write at least 250 words about what I just read. Just to keep me in practice and help me remember the important discussion points for any future essay homework. Trust me, preparing for the possible essay topics during the school year makes it much easier to write the actual work once the assignment comes.

I write my paper all the time, what benefits do I get from it?

I Write My Paper but It Can Use ImprovementEssay writing takes great skill and practice. The reason that most students dislike having to do this sort of homework is because they are not comfortable with expressing themselves in writing. By practicing it during the offseason, the student can gain a better sense of comfort with his developing writing style and can easily adjust it to his academic needs during the school year.

When you think about it, writing essays just for the fun of it has its benefits. Writing about your personal side creates a cathartic experience for the writer, easing up emotions, or allowing the release of thoughts that can’t be voiced out in public. Discussing current events in written form allows a person to analyze a given situation and the underlying circumstances that may have led to it better. This creates a deeper understanding of the involved topics in the discussion and allows the writer to develop a wider point of view regarding the discussion.

Basically, just writing about anything helps the student to gain a valuable skill, that of expression through the written word. Essay writing helps a person learn how to become more understanding of others because it requires to think about things or look at things from various points of view rather than just their own.

Learning is more than just reading books, watching documentaries, or listening to lectures. Learning requires to prove that we understand all about those topics from those sources. While a pop quiz shows that you are good at memory work, only a well-written essay demonstrates that you have a logical understanding of the class discussions and how it applies to a given context. This is something best developed through offseason essay writing.



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