Keeping a Journal

Keeping a JournalHave you ever thought about starting a journal? If not, you definitely should give it a try. It is not only a place for all of your ideas, goals, and emotions, but also a tool to organize your thoughts. There is also a way to become more productive using a journal – you can keep track of your progress and accomplishments. Here is how you can benefit from it in particular:

Planning things

Keeping track of what you have to do is great. And a to-do list is exactly a thing you can do in your journal. It does not matter whether you are planning your homework or figuring out what groceries you have to buy – it is a great way to organize yourself so all of these tasks are much easier to remember and plan.

Achieving goals

If you have a goal that you desperately want to reach – write it down in your journal. A study by the Dominican University proved the effectiveness of this technique. It works mostly because every single time you open your journal you will be reminded again and again about the goal that you want to accomplish. Also, when it is written down you feel almost obligated to do it, feel like you made a pact with yourself, which also helps a lot.

Finding solutions

When you need to find a quick solution to a problem, it is usually quite useful to write all that bothers you down in your journal. When you have a deadline coming about and you simply can’t afford to lose any time, it is a great practice you can use. When you have your problems explained on paper and not just think them over again and again, you can look from a different perspective and find a solution.

Boosting motivation

Keeping yourself motivated is a key to success. This is why from time to time we all need a little inspiration. Keeping quotes that inspire you is a great thing to do in your journal.


What you write down in your journal usually stays there for quite a while. You can always go back and read things you wrote in the past. You can see how you grow and develop as a person, how many problems you solved and how many of them are still relevant. It helps you to better understand and improve yourself.


The last but not least about having a journal – it provides a great opportunity to analyze yourself. You can ask yourself even the most uncomfortable questions in your journal and analyze every single answer. It helps a lot to boost up productivity.

Overall, a journal is just a great way to organize yourself. Try it and you will see!

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