How To Write A Strong Research Paper On Child Abuse?

Child abuse is one of the acute problems that call for focused attention, prompt action and preventive measures. Hardly surprising, research paper on child abuse is one of the most popular writing tasks in educational establishments.

The intricacy of this topic is in the possibility to approach it from different angles and that unrelated disciplines can cover it from their perspective: medical, psychological, biological, human rights, etc. But why is this topic so important?

Raising awareness with the help of the child abuse paper tasks

This theme has always been important, as it is essential to educate people about the immediate and delayed consequences of child abuse.

The statistics is shocking:  in the U.S. a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. Every day this country loses no less than 4 children because of it. The federal agencies report about 3.2 million children as alleged victims of the child abuse crimes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Former victims of child abuse become abductees of the past, copy the behavior of their parents and mistreat their own children. It is said that 80% of abusers are the victim’s parents and, tellingly, in 78.1% of cases the parents, in their turn, were also victims of child abuse.

In general, victims of child abuse are at risk of:

  • Alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Domestic violence in adulthood.
  • Depression.
  • Early initiation of sexual activity.
  • Uncontrolled sex behavior.
  • Adolescent pregnancy.

Four out of five 21-year-old victims of child abuse have at least one psychological disorder.

As you can see, it is hard to underestimate the importance of acknowledging people about this issue with the help of writing a research paper about child abuse.

Can the obesity research paper fit in the category of child abuse topic?

Surely, it can. However, here much prominence should be given to obesity as an example of inadequate nutrition, which, in its turn, is a typical example of neglect.

When choosing a topic for the paper, pay attention to the specialty of the chosen discipline. The requirements for a philosophical essay are a far cry from the requirements to the Health essay, starting from the reference format to the methods of data analysis and presentation.

So, what are the most catching child abuse topics for a research paper?

Psychology related

  • How to break the circle of violence?
  • Is it possible to downplay the memories of abuse?
  • Psychological consequences of child abuse.
  • The possible impact of the abuse on the future relationships.
  • The connection between low self-esteem and abuse in childhood.

Sociology related

  • What measures should be taken to prevent child abuse.
  • Who is the most likely to become an abuser?
  • Is there a connection between a particular area and repeat offenders?
  • Evolution of the social services that protect children.
  • The role of the social services in the question of child abuse.
  • When the victims of child abuse become abusers?
  • Modern children welfare policies and laws and their impact on the solution of the issue.
  • What are the issues of delivering services to children?
  • When does the punishment become an abuse?
  • The efficiency of counselling.

Here are some other themes for the child abuse research paper that you may find interesting:

  • How to distinguish the victim of child abuse?
  • What are the forms of child abuse?
  • Historical perspective of the issue.
  • Child abuse in the context of different cultures and religions.
  • The administrative functions of the child advocate.

Still, no matter what topic you choose for the essay on child abuse, make sure you did in-depth research, as it is essential.

Research questions about child abuse

There are four types of child abuse:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Neglect
  • Sexual

Physical abuse includes types of mistreatment that lead to physical injury or endangers a child.

Emotional abuse includes close confinement, humiliation, and verbal assault.

Neglect is the most common type of abuse that combines features of physical and emotional abuse. Still, as the researchers state, “Neglect is not only the most frequent type of maltreatment; it can be just as lethal as physical abuse”. A simple example of neglect is the refusal of health care or inadequate nutrition.

Sexual abuse, apart from sexual involvement, includes fondling.

Childhood obesity research paper structure

Taking into consideration the amount of research data, it would be easy to write an essay about obesity right then and there. However, if to approach this issue as a part of child abuse theme, then it would be necessary to shift the main points of the discussion.

Here is an example of the child abuse outline dedicated to the issue of childhood obesity as nutritious neglect.

  • Introduction is where you provide a definition of obesity and define child abuse as one of the main reasons for it. Do not forget about the first hook sentence! Comparison of an abusive parent with an old witch from Hensel and Gretel will work fine, for example.
  • Main Body of the text. The first paragraph should cover the norms of overweight and obesity of children. The second paragraph should cover investigations that confirm that overfeeding children to extreme obesity is a type of child abuse. For example, parents overfeed children to make them parent-dependent. The third paragraph of the body can be dedicated to the lack of children-protective laws that would regulate parental decision-making concerning a child’s obesity.
  • Conclusion of child abuse and neglect research paper. This chapter deals with a restatement of the thesis statement and insists on the scrutiny to this issue on the side of society and government.

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