Mother bonding with child

 Mother bonding with child

The first thing to understand is that the goals or aims for writing an essay differ from one person to another. One might want something for a website or blog while others might be required to do so as part of their school curriculum. An essay on mother is significant as these are the people responsible for giving us life. The bond between children and their mothers’ requires that someone writes an essay about them at some point. Of course there are those who have fond memories of their mothers and those who have nightmares when they think of them. It is obvious that your relationship with your mother will direct the essay you will eventually decide on writing.

Among some of the things that a writer can consider to incorporate in this essay is what they know about their mother. These could be:

  • What is their favorite color and why?
  • Describe how she brought you up and how that has made you turn up.
  • Factor in her hobbies, her dreams while growing up herself and her childhood as well and how that shaped her to be the mother she was to you.
  • If she was an absentee mother, what made her turn out like she did?
  • How did she end up with your father and how was that journey like?

Questions like these are always important whenever you are planning on writing. This is because in answering the said questions, you realize that you get more content that will acquaint your mother to your readers. Understanding and creating a connection with your audience is a sure bet if you follow this approach.

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More considerations for an essay on mother

An essay on a mother would also be incomplete if you did not highlight the relationship you have even now.

Mother Teresa: a mother to many

Mother Teresa: a mother to many

Again, remember that a mother is not necessarily the person that gave birth to you. A mother can be that person that was there for you when you were growing. There are those who argue that their fathers are also their mothers. These are the ones who grew up in single parent families due to one reason or another. They probably lost their mother at a very tender age before they knew them. This in turn led to them growing up only with a father who took up the role of the mother as well. Remember an essay is as convincing as you make it by the way you structure and prove your argument.

There is no shortage of topics you can choose to go with for a mother essay. Other than the above tips, another one you can follow is looking at the roles of surrogate mothers. There has been worldwide contention and debate on the morality of the practice. Some feel that it is morally wrong to use your body to carry a child so that at the end you give them up and get paid for it. Writing an essay on this angle can stir up emotions and you have the chance to touch on a contested issue which would make your essay even more appealing. Again, do not be afraid to look around and do some research on the possible ways you can approach a mother essay.

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