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Writing assignments has always been something no one enjoys. It is such a demanding piece of work in all the respects. And to make matters worse, you never know where to begin. You get torn between choosing the strategy and coming up with a thesis statement and waste your time on the tasks that should not be so time-consuming. At this point, some substantial advice might come in handy. So, in order to help you out, we asked our authors to share their insightful secrets on how one can ease the writing process. Here is what we got:

“At the very beginning, you should sit down and set a schedule. Managing your time properly is the most essential matter at this point. How much time do you have left? What should be done by tomorrow? What should be done by next week? Maybe, there is something that must already be done by now and you are already falling out of your schedule. This tip might sound silly, at least I thought so when I was a freshman when I used to go with the flow. I failed to submit assignments on time and was getting what I deserved. ‘A’ for performance along with ‘D’ for punctuality, these two combined were a solid ‘B-’. Then I came up with scheduling every single step and never failed to meet the deadlines since.”

Andrew, 29

“Run to the library. Immediately. There you can gather the most trustworthy information. Only valid sources are to be used in the paper writing process. And still you would have to double check on most outstanding facts, get an update on other notable ones and back your essay up with additional latest information from more modern, but still credible sources. What is more important than being accurate is being honest. However curious and fascinating an article you found can be, never use it as a basis for your own. Do not rewrite someone’s text in your own words. It might get you in trouble. Instead, you should take facts and write your paper ‘around’ them. Thus, you can submit your paper with clear conscience”

Bruce, 31


According to our writers, the aforementioned tips combined are the key to success. You should follow them by all means, and then you might see that writing a paper is not that hard. Trust our writers, they know what they’re saying. It’s like getting advice on how to install Windows from Bill Gates himself. And we are not exaggerating, our writers are that good, and here is why:

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