Persuasive Essays about Bullying

Persuasive essays are mostly found in blogs, political speeches and newspaper editorials. A persuasive essay writer is like a lawyer who is arguing a case before the jury.  You need to take a stand either for or against an issue then builds a strong argument on it.  It is the responsibility of the writer to influence the reader to accept a certain point view.

To write a good persuasive essay, you should do research and be fully aware of the reader’s biases and understand both sides of the topic of discussion.  The essay should not only show why your opinion is correct but also give an explanation as to why the opposing side is not correct. The main goal of persuasive essays about bullying is not to inform but rather to persuade the reader to think in a given way or accept a certain way of thinking.

Here are the steps you should follow when drafting the outline for your persuasive essay

Here are the steps you should follow when drafting the outline for your persuasive essay

Identify the topic

This is the first step of writing an essay. Chooses the side you want to stand for want to stand for. The topic selected should be one that you can stand for.

Define the audience

The next step is to understand the audience and be fully aware of their perspective to determine if they are inclined to support or favor a certain issue. You should define the audience in one or two sentences to help the reader identify himself as a member of the target audience.

Every good writer must do research and base the arguments of the essay on different sources. The information can be gathered from the library, teachers, and community experts. Finally, after gathering enough information. You should be in a position to select the most convincing evidence.

Drafting the persuasive essay

The introductory paragraph should be strong and captivating. The thesis statement should affirm your position and leave no doubt in the mind of the readers.  When developing the paragraphs, each paragraph should discuss a different point, and the sentences of the paragraph should provide strong supporting evidence of the point that is discussed.  You should not assume that the audience has enough knowledge of the topic of discussion but rather offer a definition and background information. The number of body paragraphs of the essay depends on the parameters of the topic of discussion.  A bigger topic is likely to have more paragraphs as a result of having more factors that need validation. On the other hand, a smaller topic will need few paragraphs to validate. Each of the validating reasons should be ethically binding.

Get the conclusion right

The last paragraph of conclusion should be a summary of important evidence and validate why the audience should take a particular stand. The last paragraph should explain the benefits of the discussion to the audience and offer a call to action explaining to the readers what you expect them to do now that they have the same viewpoint as you.

Revising the persuasive essay

The writer should review and reorganize the essay to make sure it is presented in the best possible manner. Some questions that you might ask yourself as a writer are:

  • Does the essay indicate your stand on a given issue?
  • Is the introduction captivating enough to keep the audience hooked?
  • Does each paragraph provide evidence and supporting information on given points?
  • Is the opposing point of view presented effectively?

If some of the above questions are not answered, the writer needs to review the thesis and confirm whether or not it presents a strong argument and attempt to rewrite it from the opposing point of view.  Once the thesis presents a strong and well-built argument with a clear representation of your point of view, the rest of the paragraphs of the essay should all fall in place.

Editing and sharing your persuasive essays about bullying

It is important to proofread and correct all identified errors to improve the grammar, style, and clarity of the work.  It might also be helpful to have another writer read the essay and rate it. Sharing your essay with others can be intimidating, but it can also be exciting.  One should learn from the experience and improve on their future persuasive essays.

A persuasive essay on bullying is unique in that you, the writer, need to put in more effort to ensure that the audience accepts his point of view. In today’s world, many people believe that violence is the only way to resolve conflict, thus making it slightly difficult to write.

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