Sample of a good essay topic on education

Sample of a good essay topic on education

Education is a definite pillar in the world we live in. It shapes the values and norms of many aspects of life because through formal education, important life skills are acquired. For example, doctors go through years upon years of education to be able to practice medicine and save lives. Engineers on the other hand are able to build structures, come up with important scientific information and offer great expertise in their areas of specializations simply because of education. All careers stem from educating children from an early age of between 3 and 5 and pointing them to the right direction until they can choose a path in life for themselves.

Education, whether formal or informal, can be defined as the art of acquiring knowledge, values, beliefs and habits. Through education the less privileged persons in the society acquire opportunities to grow and become important. It is the avenue that gives provision for social equity regardless of the geographical location on the globe. In the United States for instance, between the years of 1950 and 1970, the African American community had a lower literacy level compared to the white community. This improved by over 50% by the year 2012 and the effects this has had on the living standards of the whole community is tremendous. Ultimately, this also helped foster better relations between African American students and those of the white descent. Albeit this great development, many people still suffer because of societal social gaps where the rich are able to offer better learning opportunities to their kids while the poor people cannot afford this. Right from infancy, these privileged children are able to become better citizens than their counterparts from less privileged homes.

The education system differs from country to country but basically has levels from infancy all through college and post-university. In most cases, one graduates from one level to the next through sitting for an exam and attaining the required pass grade or its equivalent. Basic education is the foundation of any given person and often determines such things like speech, being able to express oneself, ability to read and write, count, communicate and so on. The advanced levels help gain a better understanding on the world and where you fit in. It broadens the mind and helps it make better decisions in the future.

In conclusion, education will always be a part of the world. It gives people confidence, ability to develop good analytical skills, proved the well-being feeling, find it easy to interact with people from all social classes, understand and provide solutions for daily problems, offer important skills and help foster better maturity. Each child has a right to education and hopefully one day in the future, this will be realized in every part of the world.

Tips on how to write a good essay topic on education

Writing an essay topic on education can be an interesting project because not only is research material enough but the topic itself is broad and very informative as well. You should be able to tackle such areas as:

  • Importance of both formal and informal education in the society
  • Definition of education
  • Role of formal education in the development of a country
  • Negative consequences of bad education policies
  • Gender equality and education
  • How education directly affects the social class of any given group of people
  • Changing trends in the education systems
  • The impact of wealth gaps on equity of education in a given society

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