Selecting Compelling Topics for Annotated Bibliography

July 10th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

An annotated bibliography is a write-up that provides information concerning a particular researched subject. An annotated bibliography is somewhat similar to a bibliography in the sense that it offers an alphabetical list of research sources. Annotated bibliographies give a precise summary of each source discussed and evaluations done in each research work.

Choosing Topics for Annotated Bibliography

The topic to write about in your annotated bibliography depends on the source selected. The source in question will also influence the quality and value of your bibliography. Therefore, you need to take the time to decide on the right source since the impact of your selection will follow through up to the end.

Perhaps the most important approach to choosing the best source for your bibliography is by asking yourself relevant questions related to the task. Here are some questions necessary for selecting a good source for your annotated bibliography:

Is your source relevant?

Establishing whether your sources are relevant is another important aspect that should be taken into account. Since your bibliography is based on research, you cannot risk using an irrelevant source.

Reliable sources always frame their research question in a way that they eventually end up offering a solution to the problem. The source should bring out various angles to approaching the research question.

Another aspect of a reliable source is the manner in which key concepts have been used. For example, the assessing of existing forms of rights.

If the source evaluates a particular body of evidence, then it is worth the use. Finally, the conclusion of the source matters a lot since it will have a bearing on your annotated bibliography.

Make sure that the concept of your research project lingers as you search for your source.

Types of annotated bibliography

There are two kinds of annotated bibliography, namely:

Descriptive annotated bibliography gives a summary of the source similar to an abstract. It tells us why the source of benefit to the research project and it defines the author’s main talk points and bottom-line without investigating further what the author says.

Critical or analytical annotated bibliography, on the other hand, goes an extra mile to examine the strong points and weak points of what is presented. It also describes the author’s conclusions in relation to the research project.

If you intend to write an annotated bibliography by yourself, you should understand that the citations must be arranged in proper order. These citations can be arranged in different ways using the APA, Chicago or MLA formats as requested. It is important that you confirm with your lecturer if you are unsure which style you are supposed to use.

Ask for help

It is always important to seek a helping hand when things fail to go your way. Online writing service providers are always willing to take up the job from where you were stuck. In that case, it will not be in vain if you had started writing your annotated bibliography and reached a point where you felt that you needed better help from a professional.

Concerning writing service providers, ensure that you settle for a reputable company by asking for recommendations from an experienced person, reading reviews and testimonials online, and by asking for samples of work previously done. Use these and more guidelines from our experts to come up with appropriate topics for annotated bibliography.

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