Solar as source of electricity

Importance of a solar energy essay

The uses of energy are varied and it is the biggest requirement in any industry setting. This ranges from manufacturing, technology, and many other uses in the world. In manufacturing, energy is required to refine things like metals, precious stones and other materials. These are then used in the making of other products that are significant in different industries. The energy required to extract precious stones is so much it is one of the most energy intensive sectors. Then there is the manufacturing industry which cannot do without energy. This includes food manufacturing among others.

Again, for this energy to be provided there are resources that have to be utilized and for a very long time, this has been fossil fuels. In the recent years, research has shown that the use of these fuels as sources of energy has led to possibly irreversible effects on the atmosphere which in turn has affected weather patterns and temperatures around the globe. This is why there is significance in writing a solar energy essay.

Key writing considerations in a solar energy essay

  • When writing this essay, it is imperative that as a writer you relate it to the effects that have been caused by the use of traditional sources of energy. These fossil fuels are basically oil based. The effect of their use and mining has been evident from the disasters that they have brought about both in the atmosphere as well as in marine life. There have been devastating consequences of oil spills in oceans and water bodies where oil rigs are located. These spills have seen intoxication of water and therefore the death of marine life in unprecedented numbers. The poisoning that results from theses spills has been an object of research and concern the world over. Marine animals have died as a result and the time it takes to destroy this life is a negligible fraction of how long it would take to replenish the already destroyed habitats. This is why it is important to look at other alternatives of energy and it is where solar comes in.

The best thing with solar energy is that if harvested in the right way and if more research and development was put into harnessing solar energy, it has the potential to be an alternative over any other sources of energy. The fact that solar energy is renewable is a plus unlike most other forms of energy production like fossil fuels which takes millions of years to form. That means once fossil fuels have been depleted, replenishing them would take millions of years which is why it is important that an alternative be sought. Again, the mining of this fuels leave a void. Of course an effect like global warming cannot be ignored as well as the destruction of the ozone layer which is near impossible to reverse.

  • An essay on solar energy would seek to look at options that would potentially improve how solar energy is harnessed and used. It has been shown lately that apart from being a source of power or electricity, solar energy can also be used to power vehicles therefore reducing the need for destructive energy sources. Solar has also been used in water heating as well as used to warm buildings.
  • A solar energy focused essay could possibly recommend advancements that would be required or improve storage and increase amount of energy provided by the sun. The main problem with harnessing the suns energy has been that it requires huge panels to pick up this energy and convert it into usable power. There would be more sense if researchers were able to develop better ways of concentrating these rays on a single point and then redistributing that to storage areas other than having panels occupying space that would be usable for other uses.

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