Some ideas for microeconomics research paper topics

The main difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics is that microeconomics focuses more on the demand and supply, the behavior of a person, a family, an organization, or a market. Meanwhile, macroeconomics takes a broader look at the entire economy and what affects it including unemployment, taxation, inflation, GDP etc. Even though microeconomics might also look at some of these topics, it only looks at them with respect to how they affect individuals, families, organizations or markets.

Some ideas for microeconomics research paper topics

There are several topics that you can cover wen writing a microeconomics paper. The following are some of the top suggestions for microeconomics research paper topics:

  • Supply and demand

You can talk about the law of supply and demand and how these two principles of economics influence the fluctuation of prices in markets. You can then talk about how these fluctuating prices end up affecting the individuals. The various factors of demand and supply like the cost of production, labor markets, depression and recession are also good points to explore in a supply and demand paper. For instance, what is the price of electronics   in a society that is rapidly adopting new technologies? Or how is the demand for various staples in different regions influencing the price differences?

  • Markets and market structures

This is another interesting topic worth exploring. Explore the various market types including oligopolies, monopolies, duopolies, and cartels. Of interest in such a research would be establishing how the different market structures influences the prices of commodities. You could focus on just one market structure and discuss its pros and cons or you could do a detailed comparison of more than one market structure. Make sure to use some statistical data to support the arguments you raise and make sure you show the impact of the chosen market structure(s) on the livelihoods of people.

  • Labor markets

You may also research and write on labor markets and their impact on the pricing of manufactured goods. Talk about the role labor unions play in affecting the labor markets negatively and positively. You could also concentrate on how the labor market is affected by an increase or a decrease of skilled labor. Another angle worth exploring is how the changes in the labor markets coupled with the rates of unemployment affects individuals and small businesses.

  • Pricing

A consumer’s purchasing power is largely affected by the prices of commodities. But on the other hand, it is the purchasing trends of individual households that end up affecting the pricing policy in markets. When writing a paper on pricing, you can explore all the factors that affect the price including the demand and supply, labor markers and the market structures. You could also explore the role of advertising on pricing and pay particular attention to how advertising can convince consumers to pay a certain amount for a product. You could also look at the pricing challenges that upcoming firms have when competing with established businesses.

  • Banking

Banks play an important and unique role in microeconomics. You can talk about how credit, interest rates, and other factors of banking affect the individual in a society. You can take a critical analysis of some of these factors like say, what causes interests rates to fluctuate and the impact this fluctuation has on the purchasing power of individuals or households.

  • Entrepreneurship

Explore the various types of entrepreneurship and how these new businesses affect the markets. You could also concentrate on how the success of these small businesses affect the individuals that are involved e.g. how they invest the income of a household and that affects their spending habits.

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