Steps on choosing essay topics on education

October 10th, 2017 | Posted by GradeMiners

Education covers a broad set of academic fields and disciplines. To select suitable essay topics on education, follow our tips below;

Education refers to the transfer of academic knowledge by employing the use of various methods. Focus on an area of interest related to education. For example is you are a chemistry major, focus on education related matters in chemistry such as lab sessions analysis or lab reports.

Once you identify a field to specialize in, carry out extensive research on the field. The purpose of any education essay should be to build on existing research to contribute new or updated information. Ensure to consult experts if available on existing trends and practices within your area of specialization.

Once you have specialized on an area of research and carried out an extensive review of existing literature, proceed to write down draft topics based on the perceived research gaps. As stated earlier, an essay seeks to build on existing knowledge to further clarify or convey new information. Your topics should seek to discuss a relevant research gap in your field of specialization. Write down as many topics as possible.

The research questions should be specific, measurable, attainable and time bound. If the research questions fail to achieve these set conditions then eliminate the topic accordingly. Only remain with topics that have SMART research questions. Select the final topic for the essay. The final topic should have clear research questions that are relevant and worth researching. Subject the topic to a review by peers and experts. Run the topic by a course instructor or a classmate. Gauge the topic according to their reactions. Some topics may seem appealing to the researcher but may offer no new knowledge or relevance.

Examples of essay topics on education

Using the above tips we have compiled a list of essay topics related to education. The examples are as follows;

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