Structuring essays about America

July 18, 2017 | GradeMiners

Structuring essays about America

It is against the backdrop of the history of America that we look at how best to come up with essays on the country as well as what possible perspectives one could adopt. The hope of this article is to help other writers structure their essays in a manner that communicates best.

The first and most important aspect of any essay is the structure. This is a guide or plan on the route a writer will pursue throughout their literally journey. It helps to first note down or chose a title for an essay beforehand. This is what will help you decide or settle on the sources where you will gather information to populate your composition. In the case of writing about America, there is no shortage of information or topics to choose from as will be brought out progressively. It is also essential that the essay writer know the basics of essay writing.

Sample essay topic about America

Sample essay topic about America

Address the following when writing about America:

  • American history:
  • The American history

It makes a lot of sense to start off with the history of anything any time you are trying to understand something or trying to be effectively informative. For this reason, writing an essay on the history is a no brainer for any writer who is serious about their craft. When it comes to the history of America, there is a vast perspective to come into it from. An example is to look at native America and how it was before colonization. How Native Americans related to each other and how they were governed, economic activities back then and so forth.

  • The American Revolution: another possible essay on America would be on the war between America and Britain after some natives decided to not be forced under British rule back then. This essay can take the route to follow the biggest influencers for and during the war and reasoning behind the revolution. One would also choose to highlight the impact the war had on the American society post revolution.
  • Slavery and racism in America: one of the hottest and most controversial debates in America right now is that of racism. The connection between slavery and racism cannot be undermined in an essay on America, especially in the present day. Lately, cases of police brutality mainly pitting white police officers against young black men have been on the rise. The black community has blamed these incidences and occurrences on racism. This is one of those emotional and heated debates that an essay on America should not overlook. The approaches for this particular topic are so many that there are insurmountable topics one can coin from the main topic itself.
  • America the super power: the 1st and 2nd world wars are credited with embellishing some states or countries as superpowers. As you plan to pen an essay on America, highlighting the role of America in this wars and the impact thereafter is a good bet. Use the events that occurred during this wars to show how America would come to be regarded as a super power and super economy in later days.
  • The American dream: while thinking of topics for essays about America, the American dream has to feature in there. It is what has made America so appealing to the rest of the world such that almost everything follows and everyone wants to imitate the American way of life including, lifestyle, technology, currency, food among others. Relate the American dream to how Thomas Jefferson conceptualized it as “each citizen’s right to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Show how the state of the economy has affected perception on the American dream and how attainable it is and it is seen to be.

Lastly, when considering topics for essays on America and how to write them, remember to first clearly understand how you want to bring the point across. Do not rush into writing immediately. Choose a topic, research on it then plan on the outline of your essay. Better yet, let us do it for you. Get in touch with us today.

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