Teaching topic examples

A teacher has enormous responsibility to his or her students. It is incumbent upon the teacher to dispense knowledge to the students – knowledge that has power to inform and transform the lives of the students.  Teachers must therefore be well prepared to teach different kinds of students in different kinds of environments. This will often entail reading or writing essays about teaching.

A good teacher needs to plan their lessons with their students in mind. Students are different and they therefore have different retention levels and needs. While some will quickly grasp a new concept, others will need repetitive teaching of the same thing for them to finally get it. It is increasingly becoming important for teachers and tutors to adapt to the learning style of the student in order to help them understand more easily. As globalization continues to spread tentacles, our learning institutions are becoming more diverse. We can no longer ignore the importance of working together to find a way of addressing some of the issues that arise due to our different cultural issues.

Callahan Walter’s tips on essays about teaching

Callahan Walter, a contemporary thinker on education, points out some important techniques that every modern day teacher can employ to enhance efficiency especially when dealing with a diverse group of students.  Let’s have a look at some of these techniques

  • Know the student background

Understanding where the student is coming from can help a great deal in ensuring the teacher communicates more effectively. For instance, it is often considered polite to arrive late for an event among most Hispanic cultures. A teacher might easily take such lateness to class as a sign of disrespect while the student thought it was a sign of respect. If these students were to be punished for these, they would be totally confused and might even be resentful towards the teacher. It is upon the teacher to understand that his students come from various cultures and these cultures will in some way affect the learning process.

  • Use cooperative learning groups

A cooperative learning group is one in which students work together to fulfill a given task. This can work really well for Hispanic and Haitian students because they are naturally not used to sitting at their individual desks. The group approach helps them feel less isolated and it ultimately helps boost the self-esteem of the learners. When in a group setting, even students that shy tend to share their ideas more freely than when they have to do in front of an entire class, and this can help them to deal with their shyness.

  • One on one approach

This is a powerful teaching technique. The teacher intentionally spends more time with students through one on one coaching. This can both be structured or unstructured although the structured approach makes it more effective.  Granted, not all students would feel comfortable with this approach but it can help the slow students catch up quickly with the rest of the class.

Teachers have a unique responsibility – they help shape the lives of young people. Anyone that has gone through school can attest to the fact that most of the ideologies they have today were influenced to a great extent by the teachers they had. Teachers should therefore seek to impact student positively because the seed they plant in their students will be with them for life.

Some essays about teaching topic examples

Education is a very wide field and as such, there are all manner of essays that have been written on the topic.  Our writers have previously written essays on some of these topics and the essays have helped improved the grades of our clients. The following are some of the example topics:

  • Using games to foster understanding
  • Understanding communicative language teaching and its place in EFL
  • How to teach English as a foreign language
  • The impact of teaching aids and technology
  • The importance of developing a personal philosophy
  • Teaching in Canada and America
  • How to instruct in a middle School that has students from different cultures
  • Prevention of suicide
  • Good and bad teaching
  • What is the greatest problem in teaching?
  • How to teach tolerance to students in the USA
  • How to teach reading to adults

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