The General Idea of a Good Harrison Bergeron Essay

The General Idea of a Good Harrison Bergeron Essay

For you to write a good and catchy essay you need a good background of the topic. A Harrison Bergeron essay needs to cover the background of the topic and try to argue from that angle. The topic mainly majors on the government forcing equality by handicapping the more gifted therefore you need to know the topic well. Do an extensive research of the topic to get all the perspective of it. Considering that it is an essay you also need to be conversant with the best ways of coming with a good essay. When you have the right background of essay writing as well as a good research of the topic you will be better grounded.

How to Effectively Write an Essay

How to Effectively Write an Essay

Most students dread the idea of having to sit and write an essay. We are here to tell you that it is not hard at all in fact it is among the most enjoyable tasks if you know your facts and follow the tips we have provided of writing a good essay. The essay you are asked to write about could be for various reasons like a contest, for class purposes, or a scholarship where most students find the process overwhelming. The secret of getting a good essay is through learning the steps of essay writing and following them. This guide will give you step by step process of getting the essay done.Choose a topic

  1. Choose a topic

There are two possibilities to this; one the topic might be given to you and the other you are given an open essay where you are free to pick a topic of your choice. In a situation where the topic is already assigned you need to think of the paper that you would like to produce. You need to figure whether it should be a general overview of the subject or an analysis that is specific. It would be better if you can be able to narrow the focus. On the other hand if you have the free will of the topic you have a bit more work  to do which is a good thing as you will not be constrained by the instructor. You have a chance to pick an interesting topic that you will enjoy writing about. You however need to first define the purpose of the essay whether it is a persuasive or informative essay. After determining the purpose; do research on the topics you deem intriguing. Think about you and what interests you. You need to finally evaluate your options.

  1.  It is important to organize your thoughts. This will help you see things more clearly and be able to link the ideas better. The structure acts as the basis for your paper. The use of either an outline or diagram will allow you see the connections better and help with writing a more organized essay
  2. Write a thesis statement

The whole point of a thesis statement is to tell the reader the purpose of the essay. You can look at the outline to capture the main ideas. The thesis statement will be mainly made up of two parts where the first part states the topic while the second states the point of the essay.

  1. Write the body

The body of your essay should explain, describe, or argue your topic. Each idea you have in your outline or diagram becomes a different section in the body of the essay. Start by writing the main ideas as the introductory sentence the each supporting idea in a sentence format.Prepare a diagram or outline of your ideas

5. The introduction needs to show the main focus of your essay and at the same time be able to capture the attention of the reader. You can start with an attention grabber that should be relatable with the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the last sentence of the paragraph.

  1. Write the conclusion

This part gives the closure of the topic while summing up your overall ideas. It offers a final perspective of the topic. You need to simply review the main points and offer your thesis reinforcement.

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