The Night Before: Making Studying Before Exam Easier


So, the big day is coming and tomorrow you have this really scary exam. Now you are probably going through all the information at once, having the 5-th energy drink trying to keep the eyes open, literally.

Chill out a bit, and take some time for the tips that won’t necessarily make you pass the exam, but will probably help this experience to pass harmfully.

  1. Don’t cram. Okay, no one takes this advice seriously, but just in case you have some time ahead, try this once. The new knowledge soaks in much better by piecemeals.
  2. In case you need to take in a really large amount of info, sleeping well is essential. And it’s not just that you’ll get tired if you don’t sleep properly. The brain is just made this way – it has to replay the new skills and information while asleep in order to replace them to long-term memory, writes Deborah Halber at Massachusetts Institute of Technology News.
  3. Give your brain the chance to recreate. Take regular brakes once an hour or even more often. Their frequency and length are up to you. This will refresh the resources of your organism and allow to continue with attention.
  4. Retell or rewrite what you have read. This is not as ridiculous as it seems. While re-formulating the ideas, you really understand them instead of just memorizing. This also may uncover the parts that you missed.
  5. Too obvious to say, but still, try to eat and drink healthy before the exam. Hungover people may stir up sympathy but they probably do not get A’s really often.

Good luck at the exams! Cheers!

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