The Peculiarities of Writing Research Papers on Abortions

If you are not a man of faith (no gender bias intended), the topic of abortions might be somewhat ambiguous for you. It’s not by chance that, after being exposed to emotion-heavy information videos, the most reasonable of women change their minds and decide to keep their babies.
It’s hard to take a stand on pro-life versus non-pro-life, try writing a research paper on it!  And yet, following the general principle of writing on hot and controversial topics, you’ll be tempted (or assigned) to write about it at some point or another.

it at some point or another.

Alas, we can’t teach you how to write research papers on abortions. What we can do is give you recommendations drawn from our own experience and observations.

Recommendation #1 – go for the specifics

General statements like “abortions should be prohibited” or “a woman’s body is the domain where she rules” are not just hardly supportable with arguments. They are plain silly. A scientific paper, especially a research-focused one, is designed to demonstrate the writer’s research and analytical abilities and skills. And when it’s impossible (or virtually impossible) to support a general statement with factual information (which is the case with abortions), taking a more specific approach is a much better choice.

Focus on a single facet of the issue – fetus development, governmental control, consequences of illegal abortions and a state-level ban on this procedure, profits of the industry and how/if it contributes to the state-level profits. It’s easier to support a claim that, without abortions, the ratio of self-performed abortions will remain the same (questionable, but can be proved with facts – an ideal combination for a good thesis statement). It’s much harder to maintain that a woman’s right to do with her body as she pleases is sacred and should not be touched.

Recommendation #2 – tune down the emotion and never EVER use religion-biased facts

Please note that a well-documented record of how many people attended the Saint Peter’s Square for the Pope’s speech is a fact. What Bible says about murder is not. Make sure to turn off your emotional side (you can turn it back on when you’re writing a descriptive paper or a personal essay) and resort to hard, cold facts. How many abortions are performed each year? What medically-supported reasons are there to justify abortions after a certain term? What is the ratio of successful procedures after, let’s say, the 13th week? If you believe what you are claiming, you can surely find strong facts to support it.

Recommendation #3 – find a better angle

It seems that all that can be said on abortions has already been said. It hasn’t. There are connections that can be found with other fields – economy, law, psychiatry, etc. There are the obvious ones – psychological development of a woman who has undergone multiple abortions – and there are those you have to dig for.

The more unexpected the connection you make and prove, the better chance you have to impress whoever will be reading your paper.

Recommendation #4 – don’t shy away from research

The more information you find, the better chances you have to discover a good fresh angle for your paper. Look in court rulings even if your paper is not for any legal course, read articles in medical journals, look through forum discussions. The possibilities for research in this area are truly endless. And don’t worry if you don’t have an idea for your thesis statement from the very beginning. Every brain needs food for thought, and you will be feeding your brain this much-needed food while you are doing the background research. Alas, there is no way around it.

Last but not least, please remember that writing on abortions is tricky. It might take more effort than any other, less painful topic. So if you are not ready to delve into research and apply some significant analytical effort, then maybe you should consider some other topic? There are literally hundreds of options, and abortion is definitely not the easiest of them all.

Think you’re strong enough to tackle it? Then you better start reading!

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