The Ultimate List of College Essay Topics to Write About in 2017

Some students think that formatting of the completed papers is the hardest part. On the other hand, the idea of citing seem not so challenging when you have no ideas about what to write. So what to do when unexpected writer’s block hits you? To help you find inspiration, we’ve created a list of winning paper topics. Check them out!

College Essay Topics

Examples of Persuasive topics

  1. Does social media create isolation?
  2. Should childhood vaccination be mandatory?
  3. Is monotasking more important than multitasking?
  4. Should education be free for everyone?
  5. Does luck play an important part in success?
  6. Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?
  7. Is college education enough for finding a well-paid job?
  8. Should people stop eating animals?
  9. Should parents tell children that they’ve been adopted?
  10. Does censorship kill art?

Examples of Research paper topics

  1. How did cloud technologies change data storing?
  2. Cybersecurity: can people be safe?
  3. Are refugees a threat to the hosting country?
  4. How do various religions oppress women?
  5. How to stop bullying in schools?
  6. Why is multilingual education so important?
  7. How did YouTube change pop culture?
  8. Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
  9. What are the risks of global warming?
  10. What are the best strategies for studying to make good grades in college?

Examples of Cause and Effect topics

  1. What impact does smoking have on a pregnant woman?
  2. Why are more and more students taking online classes?
  3. How does traveling the world affect life and personality?
  4. Why do so many people eat junk food?
  5. What are causes of environmental catastrophes?
  6. How can weather cause people to be in low spirits?
  7. How does online shopping cause people to spend more money?
  8. What are the causes of eating disorders among young people?
  9. What are the effects on students learning in a school with balanced scheduling?
  10. What are the effects of computers on our everyday lives?

Examples of Health essay topics

  1. How to manage anorexia and bulimia nervosa?
  2. What are the causes and effects of insomnia?
  3. Should people take diet pills?
  4. What can changing your mindset do to your overall health and wellness?
  5. How important is sleep to health?
  6. How to manage a bipolar disorder?
  7. How can food help people live longer and healthier lives?
  8. Do female athletes have more trouble getting pregnant later on?
  9. Can death be a relief for a patient?
  10. Do people really need to take “fish oil” supplements?

Examples of Argumentative essay topics

  1. Should more rights be given to immigrants?
  2. Does divorce destroy family life?
  3. Are school uniforms beneficial?
  4. Do violent video games cause behavior problems?
  5. Can vegetarian diets be healthy?
  6. Should pornography be banned?
  7. Does religion cause war?
  8. Why are so many people now choosing to go on gluten-free diets?
  9. Is animal testing necessary?
  10. Is online education as good as a standard college education?

Examples of Compare and Contrast essay topics

  1. Childhood vs. adulthood.
  2. A good boss and a bad boss.
  3. Adolf Hitler vs. Joseph Stalin.
  4. Russian propaganda during the Cold War vs. Russian propaganda today.
  5. Harry Potter: book vs. movie.
  6. Soccer vs. football.
  7. Coffee vs. energy drinks.
  8. Private vs. public universities.
  9. Eating at home and in the open air.
  10. Your happiest day to your saddest day.

Examples of Review essay topics

  1. Dining options on campus.
  2. Assess the soccer program for kids in your hometown.
  3. Traditional music of another generation.
  4. How a film based on real events compares with the actual history.
  5. A new or unique application.
  6. How self-driving cars will impact your daily life.
  7. Your favorite brand of clothing.
  8. A foreign film: what it says about the culture of that country.
  9. A reality TV show.
  10. “Match Point” by Woody Allen.

Topics to avoid in a College Essay

  1. Describing anything about your sex life.
  2. Writing about committing a crime as something exciting.
  3. Listing your accomplishments.
  4. The most important thing or person in my life.
  5. Offering your ideas on how to fix the world.
  6. A rundown of a national disaster.
  7. How you love to help people.
  8. Trying and failing to use humor.
  9. Being pessimistic, cynical, and depressive.
  10. Describing how seeing the underprivileged made you grateful.

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