Writing Hints For A Police Brutality Essay

produced by the dozen every year.

Browse through the news: the proofs of the police brutality can be found every day. No wonder that this issue has become a popular topic for academic papers.

That means, sooner or later, you will face this topic as a part of your workload. Interestingly enough, this theme can be assigned to the lesson of Sociology, Psychology, or History.

The type of essay may also vary. It may be an argumentative or problem solution paper, an opinion or persuasive essay and type has its own peculiarities. Here we will cover some essential points of the police brutality essay writing.

What is police brutality essay about?

First and foremost, let us puzzle out the definition of the theme. When we talk about brutality, we imply the verbal or physical excessive force used by a law enforcement officer against people.

This issue is on the front burner for the American society as people do not know how to protect themselves from the abuse.

Searching for the solutions to police brutality essay makes students more aware of their rights and possibilities to withstand the violence. Thus, the aim of the task is not just to polish writing and researching skills, but also to educate students about the problems and ways of solving it.

Accomplishing such assignment calls for profound research. If you want to sound more convincing, then include loads of statistical data as well as the analytics.

Naturally, it is beyond the pale to spin the data out the thin air so you’ll have to use several relevant and respectful resources. And, of course, it is essential to figure out the target of the paper.

Police brutality essay topic ideas

This issue is remarkable as an author can approach it from various points of view. So you can choose the standpoint that is the most interesting to you.

Here is an approximate list of topics that can be used as a theme for your paper:

  • The reasons for the increase in the frequency of police cruelty incidents.
  • How to define the case when police brutality took place?
  • How to punish police officers accused in brutality?
  • Racism and police cruelty.
  • Sexism and police brutality.
  • The necessity of teaching the signs of police brutality in schools.
  • What are the worst forms of police brutality?
  • Can special training reduce curb police cruelty?
  • What crimes have the highest rate of police violence?
  • The impact of police violence on American society.
  • How to stop police brutality?
  • Corruption as a kind of police brutality.
  • Why do police officers abuse innocent people?
  • Police brutality during riots.
  • Are police departments investing enough efforts in minimizing police brutality?

Crafting a police brutality essay outline

There are several types of essays, each with a specific purpose and distinctive features. It marks an imprint on the structure of the paper. However, some general characteristics are common for all types of academic papers.

Later we will discuss the peculiarities of different essays, but here is the basic outline for any essay dedicated to this topic.

  1. Introductory part. Here you have to provide the background information about the research question and phrase the main idea.
  2. Main body paragraphs. Several paragraphs (usually three) where you express the ideas you have concerning the issue. Each paragraph should contain an idea, the arguments supporting this idea and some shreds of evidence proving the argument.
  3. Conclusion. This section should include the rephrase of the main idea and highlights of the results of your research.

Tips for your police brutality essay introduction

  • The first sentence defines whether people would want to read further or not. Use the most interesting fact or quote to grab the attention of the readers.
  • Always include the thesis statement: one sentence that is a quintessence of all your work.
  • Write an intro with a thought that your readers know nothing about this issue.

How you make police brutality essay argumentative?

As the name suggests, this type of essays deals with argumentation. Here you have to provide an unbiased opinion, so any idea expressed in the text should be supported by substantial evidence.

Usually, when students write analytical essays they have to address several small issues to shed light on the larger picture.

Thus, every paragraph in the body of the text should contain at least three facts that support the expressed idea. And each idea should support the main statement of the paper.

Peculiarities of persuasive essay on police brutality

Writing a persuasive essay is catch-as-catch-can. Unlike the argumentative papers, here you have to convince the reader that your point of view is correct by all means. You can weaponize yourself with emotions, anecdotes, facts, and logic – whatever you think will work.

The distinctive feature of such papers is the addition of the last body paragraph that expresses the opposite point of view. There you have to describe and refute the critical aspects of the opposite standpoint.

Thus, you show the audience that you respect other points of view, but your position is stronger.

Writing a research proposal on police brutality

The purpose of this type of paper defines the peculiarities of writing it.

A research proposal is a summary of your research project where you define the general idea, the area of the research, and how you are going to research it. Also, it has to describe the current state of investigations of the following issue.

As a result, you show that your research is unique and will make a significant contribution to the area.

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